Review: Bella Pierre mineral shadow in Twilight

This color is a washed out sunny yellow with a lot of mineral sparkle.  I like the color, but I definitely would say it’s NOT unique to the brand, and you can get better customer service from other brands.  Also, I HATE pushy salespeople.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve  been in sales, I KNOW how frustrating it is.  I don’t mind trying new things, and the salesman sold it to me for half price(Colors are supposed to be 19$ singly, or 3 for 30$) so I don’t feel too bad about buying it.  But I do feel like mineral makeup salespeople, particularly, are full of crazy amounts of misinformation and hyperbole, even when confronted full on.

This specimen tried to convince me that it DOESN’T FADE after 12 hours of wear, that expensive brands like MAC, MUFE, UD, ALL use harmful additives in order to give their pressed products a better texture, Never mind that viewing the ingredients list, Twilight reads like repackaged mica, not an actual formulated eyeshadow, so it fades FAST except when used wet,   And I sort of snicker at the “harmful ingredients” thing, since there ARE enough regulations for pigments that it’s not like putting lead on my face.  It’s a bit hard to respect a brand that starts its sale with that kind of rhetoric.  I can understand marketing it as “natural” but I think claiming all other cosmetics are POISON is just….. overkill… for the situation.  I mean-anything can be harmful in enough quantities.  Some people claim that Mica(The chief ingredient of MANY cosmetics, including mineral ones) leads to RESPIRATORY damage.  Without proper research, I tend to take any such claims with a grain of salt.

That said, Bella Pierre is probably a bit better than Bare Minerals for sensitive skins.  Many women have a bad reaction to Bismuth Oxychloride, found in some mineral brands including BM.  That ingredient gives Bare minerals  its soft finish, but causes itching, irritation, etc. for many.  I wouldn’t use that reason to immediately go out and buy Bella Pierre products though, since many other mineral brands DON’T use Bismuth Oxychloride.  Everyday minerals, Indie mineral companies like Fyrinnae, Meow cosmetics, etc.  There ARE options other than dealing with sales vultures.  And I do think Bella Pierre is a bit overpriced, compared to the better variety, and availability of smaller indie mineral lines.

It doesn’t seem like a bad product, though.  Just not an extraordinary one.  And I’d still prefer the wear on actual Bare Minerals eyeshadows.  Plus, they’re cheaper.  Nothing tops good old cheap Fyrinnae though!  Much more complex finishes than what I saw at Bella Pierre, and it’s… 1/3 the price?

And applied wet!


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