Review: MUFE Star powder # 916

I freely admit.  The only other Star Powder I’ve liked the color enough to purchase is the Fuchsia one, and it’s one of my favorite pinks ever.  I really liked this color too, but it took me a while to get it, since I didn’t know how much use I could get out of a blush pink, with yellow sparkle.

That said, it’s a very eye catching color, and the sparkle is VERY prominent.  Handle it like a mineral eyeshadow.  apply wet, or over sticky bases for best results.  The other color I have, fuchsia, is less finicky, but this one does need the assistance to bring out the vibrancy of the base and shimmer.  Applied thinly, dry, it’s a soft color suitable for neutral looks.

Wear depends on the method of application.  I DO think it stays better than most mineral shadows(loose shadows with a similar texture and finish).  I didn’t have any issues getting it to stay put for a days wear.

Obviously, the finish of this shadow is one not suited for mature skin, although this would be lovely, in moderation.  Use in the inner corner, as you would a shimmery white, for a subtle eye brightener. And in that usage it should be effective for all skin types.  But I would recommend caution using it on mature skin, or skin with an uneven texture(Scarring, etc) because it can draw attention to flaws and shadows.

And applied wet.


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