Starring my handsome, patient boyfriend.  This is the first time he’s let me put makeup on him.  Sadly, he’s VERY twitchy, so it ended up a bit lighter than my original intentions.  Too difficult to blend under the eyes with him flinching, and fluttering lashes…..  poor fellow.  And he kept smiling through my pictures.  Sooooo out of character.

So it’s not so much a true zombie, as a fresh zombie, or a newly-slaughtered corpse, I guess.  I’m slightly disappointed.  But today really was my first attempt at doing horror makeup, so…. eh….



Halloween-Corpse Bride

No real technique.  Just a lot of improvisation, mixing colors, and an old vintage dress.  I’m VERY new to the world of horror/injury makeup.


Halloween look roundup!

Next year, I should probably start doing themed looks earlier, and put this out at least a week before Halloween. Oh well, live and learn.

These are all elsewhere on the blog, but I wanted a shortcut for those of us who don’t want to spend time sifting through piles of “normal” looks for those that would work in costumes.  The link to the products and full look is in the caption above the images.

Metallic emerald(eyes only)

So, i liked this, but I didn’t want to do the full face, because I had a halloween costume makeup idea to try.

Either way, it’s still worth saving.


Frosted rose

Eh, it matched the dress.


Tutorial: Layering Lipcolors

Ok.  This is a little bit daunting, writing these sorts of overview makeup techniques.  For today, we’ll focus on making the most of your lip color collection.  I’m sure we all want every color in the store, but you’d be amazed what you can blend yourself. If you’d like to follow this with information on complementing blush, and lipcolors, with your skin tone and eye makeup, I have a tutorial here.


Review: MUFE Eyeshadow in 92, 75

MUFE Matte eyeshadows have a well-deserved reputation—especially in bright colors.  #92 and #75 are both some of the more highly praised shades I’ve seen.


Halloween: Puck

So, originally I planned this as a masquerade half-mask.  I revised that, though, after trying to figure out how to do it WITHOUT making my nose look bulbous.  I like this better anyways.  And I guess I kind of have a Shakespeare theme going here….

But feel free to adapt it.


Focus On: Urban Decay Lounge

Lounge is a very unusual color.  The base is a reddened russet brown, the sparkle is brilliant turquoise.  It reminds me a bit of MAC Club,and the miscellaneous other similar shades(MAC Blue-brown pigment, Bare Essentials Bon Bon eyeshadow…. most lines have a similar deep brown with turquoise sparkle).  It can be used in most of the same ways, but is also much more wearable, because it’s not as dark.  The reddish tones are very striking on green or blue eyes.


Fuchsia overkill

Hmmm. Maybe that will be my next theme.  Except that so many of my looks qualify, and so many of them I can’t think of anything to say but “eh, its neon *insert color* with matching lips!


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