Review: Bobbi Brown eye brightener(light)

I first tried this product a few years back, with a Bobby Brown foundation(that I should probably retry, and review), used it without really knowing why, and then stopped using it without really knowing why.

However, after deciding that my MAC NC 15 studio fix foundation was slightly too dark and yellow to work as a concealer on my winter skin, I gave it another try.

I wouldn’t recommend this as an under-eye concealer if you have particularly drastic bags.  It seems about medium coverage.  So it works for my purposes, but might not be enough for covering up stronger darkness.  It has a pink tone and seems to cancel out shadows well, on my skin tone.  There’s a slight dewy finish, even after setting with powder, but nothing near as strong as, say, Smashbox Photo Ops.

A little bit goes a long way.  One dip of the brush is enough for both my eyes, once I’ve blended it outwards, and set it.  The formula itself is slightly thicker than your average liquid foundation, but not remotely as thick as a gel or a cream.  It’s easy to blend and apply without needing to “work it” into the skin, which can set a concealer too far into fine lines.  Right now, I’m loving it for just  that reason.  I don’t have a  lot of fine lines to worry about, but I do have a fairly deep one starting below my eye.  And I do definitely notice when products seep in and accentuate it.

For reference, this is my eye, with no makeup, or conealer.(except for brow powder and leftover mascara)

And with eye makeup, lightly applied  over my minimal discolorations/puffiness.

And this is my eyes with no undereye concealer, just powder foundation.  You can see that there’s a little puffiness, and a faint discoloration.

And here’s product photos!


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