Review: Urban Decay Loose Pigment in Yeyo

I can’t feel too bad, since I got this for 5$(Sephora had them on clearance!).  Yeyo is a sparkly, white pigment

But I’m not surprised it WAS on clearance.  The pigment itself is nice, but the packaging is UNBELIEVABLY bad.

The pigment has a very fluffy texture—not clumpy like some MAC pigments.  It sits at the bottom of the container, and there’s an empty neck to catch pigment, with a brush attached to the actual lid.  However, it does an AWFUL job.  Sometimes there’s NO pigment on teh brush, but there’s ALWAYS lots of pigment caked on the ferrule of the brush, so there’s ALWAYS a lot of fallout with application.  I did two swatches-one straight from brush, the other one after brushing over top with another brush to remove excess clumps and to even it out.

The opening to the pigment itself is narrow enough that you CAN”T insert your own brush, even if you don’t mind having bristles bent back and ruined.  You HAVE to use their brush, with as little control as it has in how much product is applied. It’s difficult to work with wet, because it’s impossible to accurately get the right amount of product on the brush.

Really, it would be a nice product, well worth the full price tag, if it weren’t for the packaging!  I’m two seconds away from either cutting mine open and leaving it in cleaned out sample containers, consigning it “cheek highlight only” because of the difficulty getting a precise application, or giving it to a friend who likes sparkly fallout enough that she might not mind it.

It DOES stay put well, over primer.  But it’s difficult to remove the sparkly fallout, even with makeup remover, and a dusting of powder below the eyes to catch falloff and prevent it from adhering to the skin.  The first picture below is straight after application.  The second, is after cleaning it up.

Here’s the rest of the product photos and swatches.  The first swatches are straight from the brush.  The rest are after brushing away the clumps and smoothing it out.


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