Review: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude

Tinted moisturizer is one of those things I WANT to like.  But since I have sensitivities that affect both foundation, and moisturizer/skincare purchases, I haven’t really settled on one I love enough to dispense with regular foundation.  Either the foundation part is invisible or the wrong color, or the whole thing aggravates my skin, or emphasizes oiliness.

For reference, I have PALE(paler than MAC NC15) skin, with some freckles/uneven pigmentation. There’s the beginnings of a few fine lines(genetic, I’m fairly sure) under my eyes, and on my forehead, but no real wrinkles or crow feet(since I’m 23.) There’s a fairly minimal amount of under eye bags and coloring. It is slightly oily, gets some hormonal acne/blemishes, though not a lot, and is VERY sensitive to skincare and foundation. I look for allergic reactions, or fragrance allergies when picking out facial products, almost before any other consideration.

I’m still so-so on this one.  I didn’t have grievous reactions to it, though my skin did develop little swollen pores after using it a few days in a row.  The coverage was decent.  Light-medium, I’d say.  So on bad days, it’s not enough, but it might be enough for casual events—I’d wear it with day makeup, where the intent isn’t so much to appear to have FLAWLESS beauty, as to have natural beauty, without obvious flaws.  There’s spf 20, but the finish isn’t terribly dewy or shiny, even on my slightly-oily face.

I’ll be doing a follow up review soon.  My original sample was Nude, but  Nude just doesn’t feel that light to me.  it works, but I do feel like, especially on camera, it shows up on my skin like my MAC NC 15 Studiofix-lightly too yellow, slightly too dark. It’s sheer enough that it CAN work, but I think a shade lighter would be a better match.  For summertime though, this might not be a bad option for paler skins.  And I’ll be seeing if the palest shade, Porcelain is a better match.

This is it, on my face, during a bad time.  My skin normally isn’t too bad, but at the time of the photo, it was the perfect storm–wrong time of month, I’d been stressed, and throwing up for about 3-4 days,  barely eating, so my skin looked a LOT less clear and luminous than usual. If it looks OK here, than it should be up for all I can throw at it.  Note:  The ONLY thing on my face is the moisturizer.  Any redness you see is not blush, shininess is not highlight or shimmer.  The picture right next to it, is a reference shot of the bare skin(though slightly less irritated to start than in the shots with product)

For color recommendations, or other options, I’d recommend checking out Temptalia’s foundation matrix.


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