Review: Smashbox Jet Set liner in Starstruck

The world knows about my love of cream or gel eyeliners by now, right? Sephora had this on sale for $5, on the website, so how could I resist?  I’ve heard generally good reviews about Smashbox’s gel liners, and this looked like a pretty color—-kind of bronzy, with a touch of eggplant….  Perfect for drawing out hazel or brown eyes, maybe even green…..

This is pretty pigmented, though it’s dry/thick enough that it applies fairly sheerly.  It works best on the lash lines, but it CAN be used on the waterline if you layer it. It stays put well, but on the waterline, applies VERY sheerly.  I also use it as an eyeshadow base.

It’s supposed to be waterproof, and while I haven’t been in the water to test it, I can say i didn’t experience ANY smudging.

The subtle shimmer to the finish, and sheer application is surprisingly striking.  Urban Decay Demolition Ink for Eyes has been my go-to brown liner for quite some time, but for more natural looks this surpasses it by far!  It applies a bit lighter, but  can still be smudged before it sets…. so you can get a nice contour, without the harshness or delicacy of touch needed for liquid liners, Ink for Eyes, Buxom Lashliners…..  The color itself is a fairly cool brown(Contrary to what you’d think, seeing it in the pan).  It reminds me a lot of MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow.  This is interesting to note, since most of the brown liners I’ve encountered lean warm, in application.  It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine, since henna-red liners are very jarring on my eyes.

One thing I feel I must comment on is the size.  Full price, this is $22.  Buxom lashliners are $15, UD Ink for Eyes is 19(I think), Sephora cream liners are $10, UD Liquid liners are $18……  And ALL of those containers are at least twice the size of Jet Set liner.  So this is definitely a bit of a splurge, and if other brown liner colors work for you, you may not want to chance it.   I have a hard time seeing myself running out of this, but if you use it daily, you might prefer something that gives you more product for your money.


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