Review: Urban Decay Deluxe eyeshadow palette

This, and the naked palette, are my favorite palettes from UD.  The most well rounded, most even quality, least annoying packaging…. The best thing about this palette(to me, though others may see it as a drawback) is that ALL of the colors are permanent from their Deluxe shadow line.  I know there’s a joy in new things and all that, but it’s nice since I can go buy dupes of the shades I want to use often(Graffiti, Peace, Ransom), and have enough to get by with the shades I’ll use rarely(Zero, Honey, Shag).  This helps for a collector like me who doesn’t NEED to get the full size in all of the colors, but would happily use them more sparsely.

The worst quibble I have with the palette is that I wish they would have included a deeper color like Frigid, rather than Zero(slightly frosty black, which appears in other palettes) and would offset the bright tones a little nicer than true black.  Oh, and I do kind of wish they had a true “highlight” color.  All of the neutral shades are good for lid colors, but too dark/dense for a highlight on a pale girl.  So it’s not quite an all-in-one deal.

This set came with a sample of the famous UD Primer Potion, and a few sponge y applicators.  I use those for cleaning up smudges, etc.  I wouldn’t use it to apply, though these are soft enough you probably COULD(at least till they got dirty and unsanitary).

There’s nine colors in here.  All of which are pigmented, have a slight frosty sheen, and a buttery texture.

Fishnet- purple leaning fuchsia with a faint blue/violet duochrome.  like MAC stars N Rockets, except with a more vibrant fuchsia base

Honey-warm, slightly mustardy yellow/antique gold.   Interesting color, but DEFINITELY not for cool skin tones, unless blended sheerly. it reminds me a LOT of UD’s Half Baked eyeshadow color.

Ransom-Bright, dark purple with a faint bluish tint.  Fairly cool, but should work on both skin tones.  It reminds me of Frigid, also from the deluxe line, but is more of a true purple than Frigid.

Graffiti-words cannot describe it. It is a BRIGHT neon green.  Not lime, not mint.  Just… Neon. I’d  been worried this would be easily duped with the colors they like to include in their Book of Shadows palettes(Homegrown, Absinthe, Kush, respectively) but it actually is a MUCH truer neon green than those.

Zero-true black, with a slight sheen.  Not my favorite color, but I rarely use black shadow anyways.

Peace-neon sky blue.  I don’t have a color like this.  It’s darker,  brighter, and doesn’t have the gold sheen of Shattered, but it’s more neon than any of the other blue’s I’ve seen from them.  I am in LOVE with this color.

Shag-A warmer nude. It’s like a cross between Smog and Half Baked, which both appear in other palettes, including the Naked palette.   A nice color, but not particularly unique.

Snatch-this reminds me of Scandal, from their BoS set.  Maybe if it bred with MAC’s Expensive Pink.  It’s a slightly warm pink-peach.  Pretty for slightly brightening neutral looks, or toning down bright looks.

Underground-reminds me of Mushroom, from their BoS set.  It’s a slightly gray beige, with a hint of mauve.  It’s a pretty color for cool tones particularly, but is nice on both.

You can blend them with a  fluffy brush, for a more general shimmer, or with a denser brush, for a more vibrant color.  I definitely advise a sticky primer though, or else they may fade a bit after application.  Also, if you blend them over a darker base the frost takes on a more glitter/shimmery look, where the darker base peeks through.  It can make interesting effects.

This is a great palette if you’re just starting out with makeup, or with bright colors.  Even for someone who has a large collection of bright tones, you’ll still find a lot of unusual things.  The uniform quality and texture makes these particularly easy to get the hang of working with.  I am REALLY happy I got this palette, and am surprised it took me so long to splurge on it.  38$ is reasonable for the amount of colors, and the variety.  And the pans are a decent size for average use.  So I really have no complaints!


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