smoky autumn green

Nothing special.  Just havent used greensmoke in a while.



MAC Greensmoke-outer corner into crease

UD Underground-above crease to soften

MAC Vanilla-highlight

MAC Vex-pat over highlight

UD Graffiti-outer corner

MAC Lucky green-middle of lid

UD Honey-inner corner

Buxom mascara

MAC Paintpot in Moss Scape-line upper lashline

UD 24/7 liner in Stash-lower waterline


NARS Laguna

LORAC Perfectly Lit-highlight


MAC Marquis’d

Eve Pearl duo-Baby Doll


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 19:53:41

    Geez I love this look. I’m brown hair/eyed NW25 and think this would work well for me. But WHERE can I find some MAC Moss Scape or the dupes the you mentioned. What are the dupes??!! I’m dyin’ here LOL!
    Thank you so much!!


    • dolcearia
      Dec 21, 2010 @ 20:54:15

      I think I posted some links for you in the giveaway thread.

      The color I’d suggest is from a widely distributed house line. It’s hard to say where it might be available near you. I bought mine from a salon line at a local beauty shop, not a chain. Really anything in this link should work, so long as you search for the color “Moss” “Superwear creme shadow”

      That sort of thing. Those were both from another google search of “superwear cream eyeshadow moss”

      It’s not terribly tough to come by, thank goodness. Hopefully you’ll spot the reply here, or in the giveaway thread. I’m not trying to keep you in suspense, I promise!


  2. Susan
    Dec 21, 2010 @ 22:19:19

    Thank you for letting me know you’d posted this info on the other thread – I’d missed it! Good stuff to know; I’m off to research for a purchase now…

    Silly MAC and their LE’s. I’d get Delft and Moss Scape. All they have are browny/tan like neutrals now.

    Thank you again, I appreciate you getting back to me!!


    • dolcearia
      Dec 21, 2010 @ 22:31:58

      Well, for the longest time Delft and Moss Scape WEREN’T LE. I think I first saw them four or five years ago! It’s only been within the past six months that they discontinued them, in favor of more frequent LE Paintpots. Prior to that, there wasn’t much more than the expansive Alexander McQueen collection of paintpots(that I missed. Grrrr.) or the occasional paintpot promoted with other LE products.

      You might like the links of the generic line cream eyeshadow. I have Truffle, and Naturale as well as Moss, and they’re all really pretty bronzey-olivey-pewtery neutrals that would probably be right up your alley.

      If I can get to the MAC store soon, I’ll check out the paintpots from the Cham-Pale collection. I’m pretty sure they’re all bronzey, shimmery nude shades, but I’m curious if any of them lean more olive. An olive like moss scape is pretty all purpose—it shouldn’t be hard finding other shades that work for it!


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