Review: Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer in Porcelain

Previously, I recieved a sample of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Nude, during a promotion at Sephora.  I had two nitpicks with it—the color, although about equivalent to MAC NC 15 studio fix, was too dark and yellow.  And the formula gave my face little bumps after wearing it a few days in a row.

I decided to follow up, see if  the color I’d been given was just the wrong color.  Indeed, it turned out to be the second lightest color in the line, not the lightest.  I also saw that my sample was not oil-free, and thought the oil-free formula might handle differently on my slightly-oily sensitive skin.

Porcelain is the palest color in the line for both formula’s.  It is definitely a better match for me, though still not completely what I want.  REALLY pale girls may still find it too strong on them, but it should be OK to sheer out a bit.  Undertones were slightly yellow-it will match those who usually wear NC 15 in MAC,  and the yellow may counter some pinkness for girls with pink undertones, or skin conditions that lead to pink areas(like rosacea).  It still may not be the best match if you want stronger coverage, but for your average, mostly clear skin tone, it should work.

The coverage on this one seemed a slight bit thicker.  I liked that, actually.  Coverage is still on the sheerer side of medium,but it’s OK for fairly clear skin.

The oil free formula had a different smell than the normal formula. I didn’t notice too much fragrance in the normal one, just a faint “cosmetic” smell.  The oil free, however smelled E EXACTLY like drug store sunscreen.  I didn’t mind it, but it was noticeable and lingered.

I still prefer to set this with translucent powder.  The moisturizer DOES soak in, but it still has a faintly shiny sheen that makes my skin look greasy,  unless set properly.  The color seemed to stay pretty well, although it did not have the wear power of my powder foundation, or my cream or thicker liquid.

That said, this formula does have ONE disadvantage on me.  It oxidizes a decent amount.  I probably won’t indulge in this, for that reason.  The normal formula didn’t suit my skin type, and this one oxidizes, although the sensitivity issues in the normal one were corrected.

If it suits your skin chemistry better though, this is by far the best tinted moisturizer I’ve tried!


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  1. Erin
    Dec 02, 2010 @ 03:21:09

    It’s funny how everyone has a different experience with one product – I recently ran out of my tube of this, and am very sad about it! I always got compliments on my “gorgeous” “glowing” “flawless” skin whenever I wore it – and I have awful skin. So I like it obviously, although I hate the price tag. That’s the only reason I haven’t bought another one :/


    • dolcearia
      Dec 02, 2010 @ 16:46:33

      It is odd how much your individual chemistry changes things. Tinted moisturizers are usually problematic with me, because my skin is sensitive, slightly oily, and I have enough “almost freckles” that the coverage can look spotty. This just oxidized so much! The coverage was a bit better than I expected, but the area’s of my face it hadn’t rubbed off were a full shade darker than the rest, when I would take it off.

      I had better luck with Sephora’s tinted moisturizer, though I think I forgot to review it.


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