Review: Sephora retractable all-over eyeshadow, and angled liner brushes


I got it on clearance, and it might well be a decent brush for the price.  But the packaging is not  just unwieldy, it’s outright destructive!

The casing has a slide-up cover that protects the bristles while you put the REAL lid on, but  there’s no latches or catches anywhere in the thing.  So the real lid comes off easily, the handles wiggle all over the place and don’t feel sturdy, and worst yet, the protective bristle cover SLIDES DOWN anytime the angle of the handle allows it!

I just scraped a brand new eyeshadow when the cover slammed down into it, while getting product on the brush.

So, especially if you have expensive makeup, this brush is difficult to use without ruining your product.

I’ll probably be returning it, and just shelling out the extra money to get a brush with a REAL handle.  Convenience is one thing, but not at the cost of comfort and ease of use.

Considering that both the angled liner tip and all-over eyeshadow tip are available with proper brush stems for about 5$ more, I really can’t think of a single reason why these would be worth the slight cost decrease.

Here’s pictures of the handles—I  tried to show how it opens, and how the casing slides over the brush.

container closed, with the lid on.

Pull the lid off, the cover is still over the brush portion.

Push the cover back to expose the brush. This is the part that does NOT latch securely.


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