Review: MAC Pro longwear lipcolor in Goes and Goes

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with MACs new selection of Pro Longwear lipsticks.  I’m hoping they release more shades of it.  The starting selection has a LOT of beautiful bright colors, deep reds, etc. but I would love it if they made some shades equivalent to a few of their more popular nudes.  That said, I started with Goes and Goes, which is admittedly NOT the most “crowd pleasing” of makeup shades.  I don’t think I know very many people who would be thrilled to own purple lipstick.

Goes and Goes is a fairly soft lavender purple.  It’s definitely a cooler toned color, but should be about as wearable as any purple lipstick.  There’s a slightly glossy finish, but it DOESN”T feel, or look, particularly slick.
The formula feels slightly drier than your average lipstick, but about on par with most matte finish formula’s,  It didn’t dry my lips excessively, but it DEFINITELY wasn’t moisturizing.
I got about 6-7 hours wear on it.  That said, I didn’t care for the way it wore off.  For some reason, the blue pigment wore off faster than the pink tones.  My lips had a rosy stain for almost a full day afterwards that would NOT let itself be removed.  The blue tint struggled to stay on for 7 hours, though.  It was sort of an odd way for a lipstick to wear off.

The packaging is nice–it’s not the same bullet shape as mac’s normal lipstick containers, but is very sleek, cylindrical.  I DO wish they’d molded the lipstick in teh same shape though.  The top of the product is molded perfectly flat, so particularly with bright shades, you NEED a lip brush to manage details.  An angled tip is SO much more useful, and with the texture of the formula, it would apply beautifully, straight from tube.


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