Review: Urban Decay liquid liner in Ecstasy

I love working with color, and using  bright liquid liner is one of the easier ways of adding it in, or accenting other colors.  Urban Decay’s range of liquid liners are the best I’ve seen.  Most brands have a few dark shades, varying deep neutrals–eggplant, navy, brown.  Urban Decay has those, as well as bright teal, chartreuse, royal blue, violet.  I haven’t found other brands with as wide of a selection, for what is, in the end a decent formula.  I consider these liners to be a staple in my collection, though I sort of grit my teeth at each color being 18$.  Don’t ask me WHY that doesn’t bother me, to buy a single blush for that price, or a MUFE eyeshadow.  Somehow there’s a little part of my head that expects liquid liner to be cheaper.  Ah well.

Ecstasy is a bright, pink toned purple, with a faint silver shimmer.  I’ve previously written about UD’s liquid liners, in another color.

There’s not much new to add.  They apply easily, are very pigmented, and wear well, although they don’t hold up to water.  There’s a nice range of colors in the line, although all of the ones I own are their standout BRIGHTS.  The threading for the lid is on the inside, so the lid DOES sometimes get stuck, after you’ve opened adn closed it a few times, and product from the brush has built up on it.  It’s a cute little genie bottle, that doesn’t really affect the amount of product you can use—it’s a liquid formula that settles to the bottom, and the brush.  I’ve had no issues getting an even amount of product on it, and it hasn’t dried out, even after owning it for a year.

And here it is, on the eyes.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thecandiedmango
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 17:36:16

    I can understand balking at the cost of liquid/gel liner. With blush and eyeshadow, $18 for a product that could easily last several years isn’t bothersome because you get your ‘money’s worth’, so to speak. A liquid liner isn’t going to last that long, and there’s a greater risk of bacterial growth if you’re bothered by that sort of thing. Plus some brands/types just dry up more quickly—I don’t use gel liner anymore because of that issue.


    • dolcearia
      Oct 20, 2010 @ 20:21:21

      Yep! I don’t mind paying more for products with a good shelf life, or products that are so universal that i KNOW they’ll get used daily(like foundation). But liquid liners tend to not last very long, especially since there’s not really an easy way of using a sterile brush, rather than using the in-container applicator, and getting germs in it.

      I have three colors, and there’s one more I want. But I’ve DEFINITELY been kind of bugging myself to use them more, get my moneys worth while they last. I really wish UD could come out with some sort of LE set with mini’s of a variety colors. It would be less wasteful in the long run, for how much I really use any individual colors.


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