Review: NARS Blush in Laguna

So, I got a smaller sample of this(It is in the packaging of a NARS Eyeshadow single, so it’s about a quarter of the size of the full blush/bronzer?).  Keep that in mind when sorting through product photos.

I actually really like this color. I doubted I would, since bronzers just make it look like there’s dirt on my pale face, since there’s no natural pigment to blend them out with. But this color is surprisingly wearable. It’s a very neutral sort of cork brown.

There’s not any prominent pink or orange notes to it, and while it is pigmented, it is easy to buff into the skin, and blend out. In the pan, it looks like it has a slight bit of sparkle, but I have never seen that actually transfer to the skin. This color works well as blush or bronzer for light/medium skin tones, but I don’t think it will show up on deeper ones.  And even on light tones, you may need to buff it down a bit before going out.

I didn’t notice it fading, rubbing away, or have any serious issues with the wear.  NARS tends to have VERY high quality blushes. This may even be considered wearable next to some of the other bright, pigmented offerings.

For perspective, here it is, full face.  Though I DID buff it down a bit, so it doesn’t show how vibrant the color CAN be, if you have the skintone to pull it off.


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