Review: Urban Decay liquid liner in Radium

I’ve prevously reviewed two other shades from Urban Decay’s range of liquid liners.  Minx, and Ecstasy.  They really are nicely uniform in quality.  Same nitpicks, same strengths, same faint silver sparkle in the finish….

Radium is a bright, royal blue, with a faint bit of silver shimmer.
While it’s a VERY bright color, it applies in a slightly muted way, bringing out navy notes.  Of course, Navy liner can be VERY helpful for bringing out the blues in eye whites, and making you appear better rested.

The formula is the same as UD’s other liquid liners.   This one didn’t apply quite as true-to-container, as the others I own, but was still nicely pigmented, easy to apply, and wore well against normal use.

Standard liquid liner flaws apply-it doesn’t apply or stay well on the waterline, and if you get splashed in the face, it WILL run.  It holds up against normal sweat, eye rubbing, etc.  I love the maneuverability of the brush for doing detailing, face painting, winged liner shapes, etc.

The packaging is the same genie-bottle theme.  THe threads are on the inside of the bottom part, so you will find that unless you’re careful inserting the brush in and out, you may have the lid get stuck, or grind on dried product in the threads.  Its a little annoying and wasteful, but it doesn’t really damage anything, or make it difficult to get an even distribution of product on the brush.

And here it is, on the upper lashline.  You can see that the cream liner on the lower waterline DOES show up brighter than it.


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