Review: Cargo Blush in Key Largo

I’m not sure why, I got in a massive craving for a BRIGHT pink-coral blush a few weeks back.  It’s especially odd, since I usually avoid bright cheeks in favor of bright eyes and bright lips.  At any rate, I’ve been meaning to try Cargo Blush for a while.  The colors always look so bright and there’s a good range of shades available.


Key Largo is a  VERY bright coral, with some pink notes.  It’s nicely pigmented, but very easy to blend and buff down.  The color itself is warmer, but the pink tones could be workable on cool undertones.  I also use this as an eyeshadow, though it’s a little bit flat to really look beautiful on the eyes.

The pan is 26$, and has a LOT of product—-I compared the size with my MAC blushes, and it was by far bigger.  It looked like a simialr size pan to my MAC facial powder, though.  So this is NOT one that you can depot into your blush palette, unless you have removed the dividers.

This is my go-to coral of choice, now.  It’s pinker and brighter than the NARS Orgasm(I HATE the orange notes in Orgasm), and it’s slightly brighter, and easier to blend than MUFE Cream Blush #5(nip slip)  Plus, I DO like using that color on the eyes, since I can’t recall having seen a brand make just that shade.

I didn’t have issues with it wearing away. It seemed to adhere to the skin reasonably well, and it was definitely easy to blend.  While this color is not for the faint-of heart, I DO like that it has the pigmentation to be worn on deeper skin tones, or buffed down for paler skin tones.  With the range of shades in Cargo’s line, I’d DEFINITELY recommend the formula.  In some ways, I find it easier to work with than my MAC blushes—-It stays better than the Mineralize line, and applies/blends quicker than the standard powder formua.


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