Tutorial: Black magic woman

Sorry it took so long to get it up.  It has been fairly crazy the past few days.

The basic breakdown, and additional pictures are here.

You will need(clockwise from top left) MAC Hepcat, Fyrinnae Avenging Salem, MAC Pigment in Cornflower, Laura Mercier African Violet, and MUFE #92.

Also, you will need a mascara of your choice, a dark blue eyeliner(Buxom Lashliner in Blue Velvet), a small crease brush(Sephora #17), and a all-over shadow, or larger domed shadow brush(Posh crease brush duo).  Oh, and the highlight of your choice. I used MAC Gesso, a matte white.

Start by filling in your brows, priming your lid.  Next, apply a drop of water or mixing medium to your shadow brush, tap in Cornflower, and blend it on the lower lid.

After it has dried slightly, dry off your brush, and blend the top corner off slightly.  Apply MUFE 92 to the outer corner of the lid and crease, with the small crease brush. Use a gentle patting motion, rather than sweeping. If you sweep, you’ll brush the violet sparkle of cornflower away.

Lightly pat more cornflower over the inner corrner and middle of lid, to blend out any spots you may have rubbed the glitter away. Using the small crease brush again, apply Fyrinnae Avenging Salem to the outer edge of crease.  Blend slightly, but again, try not to over blend and sweep away the other shadows.

Using a fluffy shadow brush, apply Hepcat above the crease.  If needed, blend down with a bare brush.  We want a VERY light deposit of color

Next, apply your highlight color.  This is partially to take away the stick of any oil on the lid, or primer.  We’ll blend another color over top, that will look VERY harsh unless you have put this in between them.  I used MAC Gesso.

Apply African Violet LIGHTLY over the hepcat and highlight.  Use a fluffy brush to further diffuse the color.  It should leave a slight sparkle, and lilac tint, but should be MUCH paler than the original colors.

Touch up on your blending,if needed.  I added more Avenging Salem to the outer corner, and patted more MUFE 92 in by it.

Using the small crease brush, fill in the outer lower lashline with Avenging Salem.

Clean off your brush, and apply Cornflower to the inner lashline.

Using a small liner brush, fill in upper lashline and lower waterline with Blue Velvet(or,if you prefer, the dark blue pencil of your choice)

Soak a little paper towel, or cotton makeup circle in makeup remover, fold in half for a straight edge, and remove excess shadow from outer lower lashline.  I angle it as I would an eyeliner wing, along the curve of the lower lashline, and pull down to remove a straight line.  I can then clean up the excess from my cheekbone area with the rest of the makeup pad.

Apply mascara, if desired, pat/stipple concealer below the eye, and finish the face.   You’re done!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fieran
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 20:49:56

    Hi 🙂 This is a little bit unrelated but you mentioned on Temptalia that you couldn’t get a hold of My Dark Magic and were looking for dupes. I recently played with the eyeshadow and realized that Beauty Marked/100 Strokes/Black Tied would give you a somewhat similar look. Just my 2 cents…


    • dolcearia
      Oct 24, 2010 @ 22:19:44

      Thank you, Fieran. I have 100 strokes and beauty marked, and the glitter in both isn’t as prominent, although the base colors are similar. maybe if I could find a cranberry glitter to apply over top? I’m not sure. I’ve still been keeping my eyes out for similar, since I fell in love with the sparkle in person, but apparently my area MAC counters had SO many pre-orders, and MAC didn’t add that in when shipping the amounts out…. so my area counters said they actually didn’t even have them on the shelves! They ALL went to pre-orders, or employees.

      You’re sort of right, though—-when I did this look, I WAS still craving My Dark magic a lot, and tried to use similar sorts of colors, if not the glittery finish…


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