Review: OPI nail color in Louvre me, Louvre me not

Yay!  Another half-hearted nail polish review.  Between my nailbiting, work dress code, and short attention span, I think I’m fairly useless for commenting on nail art   My biggest priority with nailpolish is ease of application.  I hate colors that require three coats, and wear off sooner because of it.  This color is NOT one of those.

Louvre me, Louvre me not is a pretty purple with a strong note of fuchsia.  In the bottle, it has a pretty pink microshimmer, but that really doesn’t show up on the nails.

One coat was mostly good enough, but two got it opaque.

I noticed chips in it around 4 days in, but it was aweek before it really looked shabby.  That’s about average wear, for me.  I don’t use a topcoat or base coat regularly, so the wear is probably expanded abit if you take a bit more time and preparation.

I’m more than a little bit in love with the color of this, It’s a nice color for fall, not too bright and summery, but not overly vamp.  I do wish the shimmer came through more in application, but that’s a common complaint.\ I have.  I LOVE my nail polishes with a lot of sparkle.


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