Review: Eve Pearl lipgloss duo in Baby Doll/Honey bunny

Although pale glosses aren’t a huge point of attraction to me, I heard nice things about the colors in Eve Pearls Gloss Duo’s.  And when Hautelook had a bunch of Eve Pearl items at a discount, I figured it was worth a try.

My duo has Honey Bunny, and Baby Doll.


Honey bunny-Peach with rose frost
Baby Doll-Pink with gold/pale peach frost.

I was a little disappointed in these.  They are decently pigmented, but the prominent pearl that  shows in the container almost disappeared in the lips for Honey Bunny.  The pink in Baby Doll didn’t  show up much, but the gold frost REALLY did.

These didn’t wear very well either.  About an hour after applying, my lips still had the frost, but  there was NONE of the gloss left.  Normally I get at LEAST 2-3 hours out of a gloss before it looks this dull!

There was a faint mint oil taste/smell, but it went away within ten minutes of applying. I didn’t  mind it at all.

I’ll probably use Baby Doll the most—-over darker lipsticks, the gold frost REALLY shows up in an  amazing way.  Honey Bunny is definitely warmer, and while it’s nice over nude lips for a peachy  tone, it did not show up with other colors, at all.

All in all, I’d say they aren’t worth full price. I got mine on sale, so I’m not overly  dissappointed by these.  But there’s no doubt that I’ve seen longer wearing glosses with the same  effect.


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