Focus On: Urban Decay Lounge

Lounge is a very unusual color.  The base is a reddened russet brown, the sparkle is brilliant turquoise.  It reminds me a bit of MAC Club,and the miscellaneous other similar shades(MAC Blue-brown pigment, Bare Essentials Bon Bon eyeshadow…. most lines have a similar deep brown with turquoise sparkle).  It can be used in most of the same ways, but is also much more wearable, because it’s not as dark.  The reddish tones are very striking on green or blue eyes.

Apply over a gold base, or foiled gold pigment, to mute the turquoise and brown, and leave a faint reddish tone.

It works well as a crease tone with mauve or taupe.  The reddish tones come through.

Apply with a fluffier brush to mute the color a bit—it will blend well with wines, or even frosty greens, blended sheerly.

Apply over a dark base, to mute the red tones, but leave a touch of green shimmer.  Here, I used MAC Sketch-a very dark eggplant shadow with no sparkle- as a base.

Apply over a dark brown base and pair with cool mauves or taupes to REALLY mute the reds, while letting a touch of the green come through.


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