Halloween: Puck

So, originally I planned this as a masquerade half-mask.  I revised that, though, after trying to figure out how to do it WITHOUT making my nose look bulbous.  I like this better anyways.  And I guess I kind of have a Shakespeare theme going here….

But feel free to adapt it.


MAC Later pigment-apply wet to lower lid.  As it sets, dust more pigment over top, and soften the crease

Fyrinnae parental Advisory-inner portion of lid

MUFE Aqua Eyes in Black-lower waterline

Scream Queen Black Widow lashes

MAC Gesso-highlight

Face(Including detailing)

Start with MUFE Black aqua cream.  Sketch in detailing, starting from outer edges of face.  You can follow my final outlines-they’re EXACTLY where the initial sketch was. i used the black aqua cream to sketch, because it STAYS, and that will help when you blend other products overtop.  I did three “leafs” with slight dips along the edges, by the outer cheekbone/hairline.  In between those, I added three feathers below, getting longer so that the last one follows the contour of the cheekbone.  I also added one feather above, and above that, I sketched a similar curve to the feather, but didn’t have it reach quite to the center of the forehead.  Don’t worry about blending/filling that area in for now.

On the outer pink leaves, fill in in MUFE Fuchsia flash cream.  Over that, use MUFE Royal Blue flash cream to sketch in shadowy veins by hairline.  Use MUFE Coral flash cream to add veins in the tips of the leaves.

For the longer “feathers”(or flames, whichever you see) fill in outer portion with MUFE Red Aqua Cream, blending towards the tips.  Over that, fill in the middle portion with MUFE Gold flash cream, blending inwards, and outwards.  Use MUFE Black flash cream to sketch in outlines for feathers and leaves, and shade the edge of the feathers a bit more.  It’s a bit more opaque than the Aqua cream we used for the initial sketch.

Using black, fill in the top arch more solidly.  Fill in the bottom space between your two lines, and lightly smudge the upper edge to soften.

Using MUFE White flash cream, outline around outlines for contrast. Blend inward,  and blend with normal foundation on cheekbones and nose, for a subtle falloff

Add Black, Silver, and Dark honey rhinestones in various sizes adn random placements, along the top arch, concentrating them  in the area between the brows using lash glue and tweezers


MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #15

MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #49(or MAC Cyber) line lips, and blend inward


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