Review: MUFE Eyeshadow in 92, 75

MUFE Matte eyeshadows have a well-deserved reputation—especially in bright colors.  #92 and #75 are both some of the more highly praised shades I’ve seen.

#92 is a bright, royal purple.

#75 is a pure, hot pink.  It almost leans slightly coral, to my eyes(though not in my pictures).  It’s definitely not the most flattering shade for cool-toned makeup users. It IS bright, though!  If you are cooler toned, I’d advise looking into the #26 fuchsia shadow instead.  It’s slightly less bright, and has a hint of lavender, that makes it more accessible for rosy undertones.

Both shades are well pigmented, apply, and blend evenly.  Obviously, the purple is slightly more wearable, and easier to blend with your makeup routine.  But both have ample uses for my favorite types of bright looks.

I have had no issues with wear, over primer.  But the pink definitely DOES stain the lids.  I had minor staining from the purple, but not very much at all.  Both shades are completely matte, so blend accordingly.  I didn’t have too many issues getting even, blended color out of them, though the pink took a little more care.

I’ve long loved MUFE’s packaging.  THey’re made to be easily depotted into palettes, so even though you still have to stick a magnet to the bottom to use in MAC pans, you can easily remove it from the container with a fingernail, and stick it right back in if you want to carry just the one color rather than a palette.


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