Review: CoverFX Concealer in Light

So,  I received this as a sample with an online order from Sephora.  This means I didn’t choose the color.  And I didn’t realize they had a scale with “extra light” and light. Light is a VERY deep pumpkin orange concealer.  It’s too dark for me, though it blends in more than I would have originally guessed.
The color and texture is definitely suited for under-eye discoloration.  The orangish tones are supposed to cancel out blue-green eye shadows, and it’s a creamy liquid that applies and blends into the skin very easily.  I DO prefer to buff it down a bit before applying translucent powder, to soften it, because it is very pigmented.

You MUST set with powder, preferably before applying liquid foundations.  The more it sits bare, the more it will settle in any fine lines or wrinkles.  That’s standard though.  And with powder, I didn’t have any issues for it migrating elsewhere. It DID seem to get a bit darker as the day went on.  My skin is slightly oily though, so many foundations do the same thing.

I’d say this particular color is a better match for MAC NC/NW 20, maybe 25. I may have to go back to eye the Extra Light shade, verify that it is suitable for MAC NC/NW15 or paler.  For reference—I’ve been wearing CoverFX’s E20 powder foundation, and this concealer IS significantly darker than that.


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