Review: MAC lipglass in Wrong Spell, from venomous villians.

I like dark lipcolors, and have been eying this color from the first photos of the collection. I was rather disappointed with it in practice though.

It is a deep wine color with a bronze tint. There’s a pretty amount of sparkle to it, and it is decently pigmented.

However, it wears HORRIBLY. Though the gloss does not feel particularly slippery, I have yet to see it look smooth after application for more than ten minutes. In the time it takes me to finish smoothing it out, take pictures of my eyes, and start taking pictures of my full face, it has already slid into the center of my lips, making them look splotchy and scabbed. Even after smoothing it out again, it repeats it,until all that’s left is the stain concentrated in the center of the lips. That happened to me wearing it alone, wearing it layered over other lipsticks, wearing it layered over dryer lip stains……. Obviously, that limits its usefulness. Can’t wear it out in public without constant touch ups, can’t wear it for short term events(Like performances, or for photography) for the same reason… The color is gorgeous layered over some tones, but only for the first seven minutes or so of wear. The stain lasted a few hours after, and most of the gloss had faded within one, but it did NOT do so very evenly. I’ve never had any issues with MACs Lipglass formula before this, I’m curious if it’s present in other colors, but only problematic with something more dark and pigmented than the shades in the standard line, like Wrong Spell.

I’ll probably try to return it. As awful as I usually feel doing that, this product performed so horribly that I can’t see a reason to try to make it work for me.



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