Review: Pangea organics Matcha green tea face mask

I don’t usually have much use for the many varieties of skincare products, beyond sunscreen and moisturizer. I DO like pampering myself every so often, and it DOES feel relaxing to lounge around with something sitting on your skin, looking forward to how nice it will feel after you re move it.

This does NOT give that experience. It looks, ands smells like fermented swamp sludge. I like the smell of green tea, and there IS a note of that in it, but it’s a very strong, muddy fragrance overall.

I was a bit overwhelmed by it, and it took me several minutes waiting for it to dry, before I could breathe through my nose again. My skin felt slightly softer afterwards, but it didn’t seem to do very much else. If anything, it seemed to seal the oils INTO my skin, and produced more prominant pores and blackheads, once the oil oxidized.

I’d be curious to read reviews from dryer skin types. The product is listed as being good for all types, but given the issues I saw with it, I’m wiling to think that some of those effects may be minimized on dryer skin. It’s DEFINITELY not a product for me, but it didn’t do anything horrible to my sensitive skin.


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