Philosophy Mimosa flavored lip gloss

I am a compulsive lip biter/licker. Every moment my lips aren’t swathed in something moist feeling, they feel itchy. So I carry chapstick or lip gloss with me EVERYWHERE. When you use them that much, you get REALLY aware of flavorings and fragrances. The smell of fruity Blistex makes me genuinely queasy. I’ve recently gotten addicted to Philosophy lip glosses, for a decent combination of pleasant smells and gentleness on the skin.

Mimosa is a pretty sheer tangerine, with sparkles of orange, pink, lime. In the daylight, the sparkles just look vaguely metallic, but not colorful. Artificial lighting shows off the true variety. It’s definitely a warmer color, but so sheer that anyone can use it. If you like the smell.

Philosophy lip glosses don’t feel heavy, or waxy on. Mimosa is one of the more artificial smelling flavors I’ve seen from Philosophy, and has an almost sickly sweet flavor on the lips. It’s not my favorite, but Ilike it at work, because it helps prevent me from fixating on biting my nails, and its creamier and easier to apply than my other preferred lip balms(Jack Black, Rosebud salve Strawberry Balm, etc.)

It clings to my lips for around 2.5 hours, though after the 1.5 mark, I’m already desperate to reapply. The formula is thin, and the packing has a sufficient opening to squeeze a decent amount of product out with no fuss.

It doesn’t really moisturize my lips, but it DOES seal moisture in well. My lips feel softer after using this than after most of my lipglosses, including MAC formulas.


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  1. Marcy.*
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 21:37:26

    Bookmarking this right now thanks for your sharing!.


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