Review: MAC Moonlight Night pigment, from A Tartan Tale collection

Most the stuff from MAC’s holiday collections didn’t thrill me,and I’ve become somewhat soured on LE items, between wanting to use products that readers can actually GET, and the obnoxious way of not supplying realistic quantities of “in demand” LE products….. I’m still more than a little sore at the way MAC handled the Venomous Villains collection.  My local MAC counter told me they had sold ALL but one or two of the quantities of some items in preorder….and that they only HAD one or two available to sell to walk-ins after the release!  That’s just… annoying business practice…. to me.  Shouldn’t those be considered separate things, and supplied differently?

Perhaps I got Moonlight Night, and Later pigments, because they reminded me of the VV Mineralize duo’s that I missed.  I’ll put up Later tomorrow(though it’s already in the swatch photos).

Moonlight Night is a rich black base, with bright hunter green and teal sparkles.

(shown here paired with Illamasqua pigment in Conquer, and Urban Decay Green Goddess eyeshadow)

Applied dry, it looks like a richly pigmented black, with faint sparkles.  Applied wet, it has a frosty sheen, and the green sparkles come through vibrantly.

It wears well, and the quality seems standard for MAC pigments, although slightly smoother than some of the ones I’ve seen….  So definitely on the better side of the spectrum.  Even in the new pigment jars, it’s still a generous amount of product. I’ll probably separate a sample for a friend, and STILL have plenty for myself.  For 19.50$(I think?) it’s not a bad value.

The color is VERY rich and dark, and although it’s not sticky enough to act well as a dark base for other colors, it looks very striking, patted into the outer corner with a damp brush, used as eyeliner, or applied with other foiled green pigments on the lid.   Just remember-a little goes a LONG way.  Don’t be afraid to work in thin layers.  I like to apply the wet portion to a fairly small area, and wait ten seconds or so for it to set a bit, before patting more dry pigment over top,and using the dry pigment to sheer out the harsh edge.

This may not be a beginning product, becuase of its vibrancy. If you’re scared of smoky eyes and inky dark shadows, it’ll be REALLY difficult to use Moonlight Night as anything but an eye liner. With a little more experimentation, though, it really CAN be striking!


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