Focus On: MAC Vex

MAC Vex is an unusual color.  It appears to be a cool cream, with gray tones.  However, it has a lovely duochrome of soft rose, and pale mint.  Definitely a complex color.

Layer a frosty pink like MAC Swish over it, for a gentle rose.

Apply over a brighter primer(Pink or coral work best) for a very gentle frosty edge.   It will take the sting out of the brightness, and the soft duochrome will echo the original base. That said, this effect doesn’t show up very much on camera.  So it’s not something I would recommend for that major event, or anticipated photoshoot.

It works well as a highlight for cooler skin tones.  Especially with pink makeup.

It also works well as a highlight with green makeup.   Aww heck. It’s just one of my favorite highlights.

And part of that love for it as a highlight comes because there’s very little need to use another color between a deep crease and Vex-the duochrome does a LOVELY job, and it blends in a LOVELY way over dark colors!

Even though the rosy shimmer lends itself to pinks, don’t be afraid to use it with other colors!  Here, I used it to soften the seam between sparkly white, adn sparkly periwinkle pigments.


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