Review: MUFE Waterproof Brow Correcter in 0, 1

I tried two shades, to see which matched best. I ended up purchasing 0.

That doesn’t bode well for the range of shades, since it’s the lightest and my eyebrows are NOT light by any means.  Avoid this product if you’re blond.  This shade probably will still be too dark, unless you’re REALLY ashy or strawberry blond.  There’s four shades in the line—Black, Dark brunette, Dark auburn, and Medium auburn.(Those are my descriptions anyways).  You can see there’s nothing for paler or less red hair, in the lighter colors.

I LOVE this product. It’s waterproof, applies easily with a brush, can do very fine definitions, or be blended sheerer over larger spaces.

What are its advantages, over traditional powder, pencil, or mechanical pencil liners?  Well for one, the colors are more of a natural red than most of the other brow refiners I’ve worked with.  That’s important since my hair is NOT synthetic, and the color is ALWAYS either too brown, or too artificially orange/red.

Mechanical pencil—You will NOT use it at the same speed.  I run out of my mechanical pencils VERY quickly.  I’d probably use four at least, in the time it takes to finish the tube of Brow Correcter.

Pencils-no sharpening, no waxy texture, or skidding.  You can select the PERFECT brush for your application and the product itself is very creamy.

Powder-Powder isn’t waterproof.  Also, it can be harder to build up the density and pigmentation of the color without smudging find lines.  You only need one swipe of the brush with this, so you have less chance of messing it up with touch ups and buildling up product.

The lighter shade is 0, the darker shade is 1.

And, this is it, applied with an angled brow brush, and finishing by lightly combing brows into order.


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