Review: Jack Black lemon and chamomile Lip Balm

After a lifetime of using cheap lip protectants/moisturizers like Blistex, and constantly griping about how my lips are always dry, uneven, I figured it was about time to try something stronger.

I’ve heard good things about this, and decided to give it a try. 7$ is expensive, but not too bad, for something I WILL use till it runs out(unlike some of   glosses that still have half a tube!) I do really like it, especially before bed.

The formula feels very thick, but not very tacky or sticky at all. Despite that, it STAYS. I put it on before bed, and when I wake up, there’s still traces of it on my lips when I wake up!

The lemon-chamomile scent is mild and pleasant–it’s not a sharp lemon, just a faint natural citrus aroma. I really love it! There’s other fragrances available, but I think I’ll stick with this one. I love the smell of natural chamomile, and like that there’s none of the minty bite common with lip products(The mint works to freshen breath, and plump lips by increasing circulation. I just don’t like the way it feels or tastes)

My biggest complaint with it is the packaging. The formula itself is fairly thick, and its in a fairly heavy-duty plastic tube. Once you’ve used about half the tube, the plastic requires a LOT of squeezing to push the product out. That makes the application a bit like trying to pluck your eyebrows with smiths tongs. Lots of effort, very little precision, and less control over how much pushes out, when it eventually DOES come out.

From my understanding, Jack Black is actually marketed as mens skincare, which explains the fairly gender neutral scents and packaging. I couldn’t get my boyfriend to wear it, but I DO like the overall lack of fuss around this lip balm.


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