Review: Temptu highlighter in Champagne

I have an ongoing search for the perfect highlighter on my admittedly pale skin tone.  A few months back, Sephora had a promotion offering samples of Temptu’s highlighter in Champagne.  I still haven’t run out, though I haven’t been using it every day.


Temptu’s primary product is their airbrush system, and line of foundation cartridges for use with it. I don’t think many makeup users know that thier highlighter and powder are not airbrush products, and can be used without purchasing the 300$ system. The highlighters come in a plastic tube, with a brush tip.  Click the button on the back of the tube, product dispenses through the brush.  I didnt’ like that system as much as you’d think. When first using the product, i had to click it a LOT to get product to come up.  And once there was product set to come up, one click dispensed WAY too much liquid for my uses.  As I neared halfway through the tube, it seemed to dispense much less product, adn it took more and more clicks to get enough for my purposes.  That’s mildly annoying, but fine.

The highlighter itself is very creamy.  It has a sort of wet shine to it, rather than the outright shimmer of MAC Cream color in Pearl, or many powder highlights.  It seemed to melt into the skin, though the attached brush was not good for softening the edges of the highlight with areas unhighlighted. I had to go over it with another brush to avoid getting a weird shimmery line right below my eyes. Brush it too much, and the effect is lost completely.  When used properly though, it had a lovely soft glow.

Be careful blending it over your foundation-the denseness of the attached brush tended to make it easy to remove makeup already in place.  TOo much blending would remove your under-eye concealer, any foundation….. It actually bothered me a lot!  One of these days, I’ll actually go get my full face done with the system, to see if it handles much better using actual airbrush makeup and techniques.  Because it didn’t seem to work well as a standalone product with conventional cosmetics.

For 30$ per tube, you get a decent amount, but I’d still question whether its worth it.  Especially if you normally wear medium coverage foundations.  I think that the interactions with foundation are less of an issue if you are only using tinted moisturizer anyways. I’d just avoid highlighting too close around the eye area if you use concealer.


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