Tutorial: Crystal Ship

The basic breakdown for this was here.   I’m sorry for the fairly overlit pictures.  The day had horrid lighting and I lost patience running back and forth to try to get clearer ones.

To start, you will need Urban Decay eyeshadow in Asphyxia, MAC eyeshadow in Vex and Shale, Fyrinnae loose shadows in Katrina Cabaret and Biker Chic, MUFE Lavender aqua cream(You can skip this if you prefer. I just wanted a frosty lilac base to bring out the sparkle more).

These aren’t in the picture, but you’ll also want your choice of mascara, and primer.  I used Urban Decay Primer Potion beneath the lavender, and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy over, to make sure the glitter didn’t get blended away.

For brushes, we’ll need a thin eyeliner brush(Sicara), Sephora brushes #16, #17, and #23(Point smudge,  Shader, and all over shadow)

Start with a bare lid, apply an all purpose primer, and finish brows.  Next, blend your lavender base over the lower lid.  I used my fingers, because I like the way my thicker cream responds to body heat.  If you’re using a creamier one, any old concealer brush should work.  Over that, we’ll dab a TEENY amount of Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy(this step is optional) to help make sure every bit of glitter and nuance comes through our fragile colors.

Wait 20-30 seconds for the Epoxy get get good and tacky.Next, we’ll pat a generous amount of Katrina Cabaret  into the outer half of the lid, using the Shader brush  After patting, lightly sweet to blend it, even it out, and remove excess pigment.

Next, get a TEENSY amount of Biker Chic on your Point Smudge brush, and pat it in at the outer corner.  Blend inwards and slightly upwards, but be VERY stingy with it. We’ll darken it a bit more later.

Next, use your all over shadow brush to sweep a thick coat of Asphyxia into the inner half of lid.  Lightly sweep back and forth over the edge of the seam with Katrina Cabaret to soften.

Now we start messing with some of the finer contours and smoothing things out.  Clean off your Shader brush, and start lightly blending Shale above the colors on our lid.  Keep the color densest at the outer corner, and continue blending towards the highlight without getting more color on the brush, to help diffuse it.

Next, clean off your all over shadow brush, and apply Vex to the highlight, blending with the top edge of shale.

Touch up your colors now. I applied a bit more Catrina Cabaret and Biker Chic, and this time smoothed out the blending a little bit more.  I compared eyes, made sure they were even, before putting the finishing touches on.  This helps me prevent overblending when I realize I’ve outlined the crease higher on the left eye or some-such.

Next, we’ll set our eyeliner brush and apply Biker Chic wet to the upper lashline and lower lashline.  Concentrate color near the outer corners, to avoid the appearance of shrinking your eyes, and define the upward sweep at the outer corner of the lower lashline.

We’re all but done!  Finish your lashes as you prefer(I used Buxom mascara, my standby for dramatic looks).  Sweep off any fallout, using a makeup remover soaked cotton pad if needed(Fyrinnae pigments CAN smear and stain if your skin is particularly oily when you apply).  Conceal any eye circles if you wish, and finish the skin.

We’re done!  I shot this in brighter light to try to emphasize the sparkles.


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