Review: Buxom lipgloss in Zena

Zena is a sparkly peach-pink, with silver shimmer.  The color is a slightly warm nude, but should be neutral enough to work on cool skin tones as well.

THis is my first experience with Buxoms lip gloss formula.  On the whole, I like the texture, wear, and color.  My big  pet peeve is in the taste.  It’s the strongest mint flavor i’ve ever encountered in a lip product.  I KNOW mint is supposed to act to help plump lips, freshen breath…. I just hate strong mint tastes.  I wish it was a little bit more subtle, like the soft mint in Tartes Lip Stains, or that they had used a cinnamon based plumping formula, like Du Wops Lip Venom.  I don’t even like breath mints or chewing gum.  This is WAY too strong for me.  Plus, the mint doesn’t quite cover up a chemical note to the fragrance.

Zena is a fairly thick formula-I dipped the doe-foot applicator about twice to get nearly-opaque coverage on my lips.  I was quite happy with the pigmentation, and prominence of the sparkle in application. I hate lip glosses that have vibrant sparkles in the tube, that just look “generally shiny” on the lips.  I want to be able to detect the idiosyncrasies of the finishes color, the denseness of the sparkle… something.

The sparkles hung around much longer than the gloss.  The gloss lasted around 3 hours, but there was a faint color stain and a good amount of sparkles that remained on me after I evaluated it.

I probably will see if i can think of anyone who wants this.  I dread putting it on because of the mint taste.  And it’s pretty enough that it deserves a home with someone who wants it.  That person just has fewer taste buds to be offended than me.


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