Review: Yves Saint Laurent mascara

I was a bit disappointed in this—it was HIGHLY recommended by one of the sephora associates I like, and I was happy to snag a little sample in YSL’s holiday set.  However, it’s HEAVILY perfumed, and the fragrance made me feel… rather…. queasy. On top of that, it just didn’t do anything spectacular.  It wore decently, applied fairly evenly,  but it didn’t feel as dark as I would want, and it didn’t have the same effects as, say, Diorshow mascara, or Buxom mascara.  The volume just wasn’t there.  It was pretty, though, for a natural mascara.

The fragrance thing really just killed me, though.  It lingered, and I felt like crap, and my eyes were watering nonstop….  I might have put up with it, if the mascara had made my lashes look extraordinary, but I honestly still prefer the effect of Exceptionnel De Chanel, for natural lashes, and Diorshow or Buxom, for pseudo-false lashes.  Even my first HG mascara, Blincs “Kiss Me” mascara, looked more volumizing and pigmented, in application.

This mascara did pretty much nothing to maintain the curl in my lashes, or separate them.  It clumped a bit around two coats, That said, it didn’t flake off, smudge or melt down, with longer wear.

I still think that, for a $30 mascara budget… you can do better.  But if you don’t mind the fragrance, and just want a nice all-purpose mascara, this might be your cup of tea.


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