Happy 101!

TheCandiedMango and Helena passed this on to me.  Maybe I’ll be better with this, than email chains.  Usually I read it, smile, and avoid irritating my internet connection by passing it on.  Except for one particularly intolerant one from my grandmother, that merited a reply all to her entire church congregation, with historical citations, philosophical refutations, and legal reasons why the letter was inaccurate and offensive.  I got the cold shoulder for MONTHS after that one, and a delightful lecture about my horrible manners and disrespect for the family.  It was worth it.

Either way, this is the first time someones recommended thepaintedmask for something like this, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t blush when I saw it.  Plus, this is RIGHT around my blogging-anniversary. I’ll probably do a giveaway at the end of the year, so I have a little more time to collect gifts.  But the timing is pretty perfect for feeling good about myself, and thepaintedmask.

So, we’ll  keep it going!

Ten things I like—-

1. Weird food items.  I OBSESS over Morel mushrooms, especially in a soup with barley and lentils.  This desire for the new and strange is probably not helped by being a fairly strict vegetarian.  And there’s a restaurant in seattle that had a dish with seasonal mushrooms in sauce, with cocoa noodles that STILL haunts my dreams.

2.  Almost any nonverbal form of expression.  I sing while I cook, balance on one foot and stretch while scrubbing my face or going up elevators or escalators.  I’ve played around on aerial apparatus,  and choreograph extensive movement sequences with almost everything I hear.  I am obsessed with fashion.  Not in the “what’s new this season” sense, but in the “I want a deliberate look at how I present myself”.  I LOVE dresses, shoes, with unique details, I alter clothes or recycle them into new clothes.

3.  Growing food items.  I get sad in the winter when my herb garden fails indoors.  At minimum, I usually have Chives, two or three varieties of Basil, Rosemary, Sage, and I try to also grow chamomile and lavender for impromptu face soaks.

4.  Books.  Particularly horror/sci-fi/fantasy.  And it’s more than a little embarrassing, the amount of time I put into analyzing them.

5.  Old-school RPG games.  At one point I was fairly good at D & D, and Magic. My real preference is for computer games like the Ultima series, the Kings Quest series, and almost anything written by Roberta Williams for Sierra.  I am still anticipating the release of Diablo III.  I prefer watching to playing, but I WILL play these games.  Bonus points if I have to “learn” a new runic language to understand the place names on the “map”.  I suck.  But I love every minute of it.

6. Fussing over people.  I like making the boyfriend sit still while i comb his hair or pluck his eyebrows.  Both dog and cat know not to argue when I trim their nails, brush, and bathe them.  I put massive amounts of thought into random gifts.  And I get very happy if you ask me to cook for you.

7.  Music.  I listen to almost anything, and spend most of the time I’m alone singing, playing the piano, dancing along.

8.   Old cartoons.  On my shelf right now, there’s Scooby Doo, Pink Panther, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Johnny Quest, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons,and a LOT of classic Disney movies.

9.  The thrill of the hunt.  Whether it’s finding the last dress in my size on AMAZING clearance, or designer shoes in a garage sale, or collecting antique crazy quilts, or finding the remnants of places mentioned in random old books.(At one point, I learned  a whole tour of Chicago centered around Umpton Sinclair’s The Jungle).

10. Writing. I don’t really like trying  do fictional writing,but I LOVE writing about makeup, teaching things, written conversations.  I’m MUCH more verbose in text than in person.  I can go for weeks avoiding meeting friends or talking to coworkers. But I’ll have pages of notes for makeup posts or photograph ideas, or random diary entries.  At one point, I competed for scholarships with my political writing—-And WON a few times!

And ten bloggers I nominate, trying to avoid those who tagged me!

Glamadelic—– In a year of blogging, I’ve seen my own skills develop a lot.  I’m enjoying seeing her journey through cosmetology school, and I’m taking notes!  Even if the thought of cutting hair makes me cringe.

LaColoropata-I’m not fluent enough in spanish to understand as much of her reviews as I’d like, but her blog is one of the first I thumb through when I need inspiration for dramatic makeup art.

Padmita-Another blog that frequently inspires  me.  I don’t have much use for reviews, so I love blogs that are primarily visual.  She is a great photographer, and I love the images just as much as I love the  makeup in them.

lipstickandlightsabers–I don’t really have my ears to the ground for finding new and fun Indie makeup brands.  She reviews a LOT of them, and it’s fun poking around, seeing what’s new and unique. Plus, if there’s any real gossip about the company or product, she probably has a delightfully nasty post written.

Urban Luddite— The author is my best friend, and while a lot of the menu items aren’t vegetarian, they ALWAYS make me hungry, and inspire me to actually put some effort into my own culinary concoctions.

Pumpkincat210—Pretty makeup and nail art, as well as fashion and beauty news.

Claudiasmakeup —  I’m a bit amazed that she takes the time to regularly apply these fantastic detailed facepaintings.  Why aren’t there more occasions for painting half your face to blend in with a classical still life?

I haven’t counted to see if that’s ten, but it’s hard to focus, with my delightful boyfriend cooking.  Can we call it a day?  I honestly love everyone in my links menu, and there’s a million more that I’ve seen, loved, and forgotten to save….  And I’m eager  to start brainstorming for more things…. I’ve had a few ideas for series’ rolling around in my head, and I just need to throw together lists of what I need to get, how  I want to do it, etc.


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