Review: Guerlain Meteorites de Beauty

Ever since I first started paying attention to more high end makeup, I’ve had a bit of a crush on this product—the packaging looked so DAINTY, pictures from reviews of it just seemed to glow.  It took me a while to develop the stomach to pay 56$ for it though.  That’s fairly steep for any one beauty product.  Especially one this subtle.

I’m sure the ROse would show up more prominently on more average fair/medium skin tones(I know they have a yellow-based pale shade, and a darker shade for medium/dark skin tones).  I think, even if I was dark enough for a true NW 15 or NW 20 foundation, the effect would show up more on camera.  But this blends SOOOOOOOO naturally with my pale skin that it really is more of a subtle sheen, rather than an actual color.

I couldn’t even capture the effect in pictures.  This is NOT a highlighter in the conventional sense.  It’s VERY subtle, and can be used far more places than just across the cheekbones.  It just makes my skin look naturally healthy, can soften my heavier foundations, or add a lustrous finish to my sheer foundations.  The difference hasn’t come out very much in my photos, but in person, I do feel like my makeup looks more natural, my skin has a soft-focus sort of texture with few visible “masks” of makeup, or larger pores.  It just blends things into my skin very nicely.

I don’t care for the rose scent.  it’s DEFINITELY a strong fragrance for about ten minutes after application.  The smell would be pretty if it were a little more delicate.  That is, my own preference though.  I am wary of heavy perfumes.  I don’t smell it in the container, but it does definitely adhere with the powder when you apply it.

There’s a decent amount of pearls in here.  I’d be surprised if I ran out of this in less than 3 years.  And that helps me justify the cost.  I do wish, though, that with that price, they’d made the container a little bit sturdier.

It’s a thin, metallicy feeling material similar to some drugstore cosmetics I’ve seen.  It doesn’t FEEL sturdy, though I haven’t noticed it getting easily molded out of shape, or dented.  I still can’t imagine carrying it with me anywear.  Besides, it looks pretty on a vanity, with nice perfume bottles and such.  The interior is smooth plastic, and there’s a thick velvet poof inside between lid and product.  It’s very clean, and it FEELS like the lid is pretty secure on it.  I just wouldn’t trust it in a purse, since the lid doesn’t screw on, and is a material that probably could be bent out of shape and no longer close securely, if you slammed it in the car door, sat on it, some other purse item got mushed into it…. the usual range of happenstance that kills items in my purse.  I trust I can’t be the ONLY one this clutzy.  Either way, I don’ carry cosmetics in my purse unless I KNOW they can hold up to a lot of punishment.

I can’t imagine there being huge differences between the color shades. Rose didn’t look particularly pink to me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to apply it someone with stronger yellow tones than myself.  I’m not sure if that flexibility is a good thing or not, but it DOES make it easy to pick out a shade without fear of having to exchange it…


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