Review: Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Conquer

Illamasqua may be my new obsession.  It’s expensive, doesn’t give as much product for your money, the pigment has an awkwardly designed lid that scares me trying to open it…..  But the pigment itself is so beautiful, that I can’t dwell on any of that.  Conquer has a very fine texture that handles more like a mineral eye shadow than, say, MAC pigments.  It’s sparkly, full of depth, applies BEST wet.  Conquer is a vibrant emerald green with yellow, blue, copper sparkles.

My biggest pet peeve is with the lid.  I bite my nails, and unless you have a nail to use, opening the top of this is nerve wrecking.  The lid has a rubbery feeling stopper for the opening that dispenses pigment, but does NOT screw on or off. It just presses on, and pulls off.  And with how little pigment you actually GET(I’d guess about half, or a third, of what you would get in a jar of MAC pigment), you can see where you DON”T want the lid to suddenly POP off, scattering pigment to the four winds since the only stopper for the pigment is in the lid itself…

Don’t get me wrong, the packaging has a cute sort of square-with-indented-sides shape that is very decadent and flowery…. it looks pretty, and is easy to stack on its side in your makeup shelf, to see the colors and conserve space.  It just isn’t as consumer friendly as I’d like.

I like that the container is broad, and shallow.  With the plastic insert, it’s easy to put a dab of mixing medium on one side of the insert, pick up pigment from the hole, and blend it with the medium to work with it wet.  no needing a separate palette, or ending up with too much pigment running into your liquid to work with smoothly.

It definitely makes working with it wet a little easier.
Dry, a large part of the vibrancy is lost. It looks like a deep forest green, with some sparkles.  Wet, however, it is emerald, sparkly, metallic.    The shade reminds me a bit of MUFE Emerald Aqua cream, in finish and  color, but Conquer is a slightly brighter green, and has more of a sparkle, less of a pearly sheen.

Rubbed on dry.  You can see that that sheers it out a bit.

Applied wet, and patted on dry.

And, for perspective, this was a quick eye I did, using Conquer wet with other pigments.



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