Review: Caudalie Lip Conditioner

I’m sure my addiction to the newest, best lip conditioner has been well documented. I bite my lips a lot, and spend huge chunks of time outdoors at work.  So my lips are usually  uneven, scabby, windchapped……  And standard chapsticks and protectants just don’t cut it!

Sephora has a 2 pack of these for $16. SOOOO worth it.  Caudalie is generally an excellent skincare brand, and these are the most immediately effective conditioner I have found.

This wears off/soaks in fast–I want to reapply after even an hour.  And my lips already feel more even.  The overall moisture level doesn’t seem to have changed, but the skin itself feels softer, smoother.  And after a few days of  frequent use, i can already feel the remaining scabs/peeling skin healing, with fewer new ones replacing them.

The worst thing about this is the smell.  This smells like playdough tastes. Slightly sweet, chemically, waxy…  I forced the poor man to try this as well to confirm it.  After he teased me for saying like playdough TASTES, rather than like playdough smells.  Don’t ask, but I also have detailed memories of eating dirt, dog food, dog treats,  lawn shavings, and pond algae.  Seriously. Don’t ask.  At any rate, it’s not the most pleasant smell.

I find that pretty bearable, compared to the overall effectiveness,  but those with really sensitive noses may wish to pass.

This probably won’t be the lip product I keep in my pocket at work, simply because it DOES wear off too fast to be useful at work.  Even before bed, I prefer something heavier.  But this is PERFECT for a quick pick-me-up before applying makeup, or using at home.

The tube seems like it will last a while… I can’t imagine how long the full 2-pack will!

Either way, 16$ isn’t bad at all for that amount of product!  My Rosebud balm is 7$, my Jack Black balm is $10.


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