anonymous Turquoise eye of the day

This is a little sloppy.  It’s been a rough few days.  Holidays are usually a bit crazy, and yesterday we went straight from work, to a belated thanksgiving with the boyfriends family.  I DID throw on a little makeup, but it never got photographed, and it was only what could be done with one eyeshadow duo, a piece of eyeliner pencil, and a lip gloss.  It took me a while to even get up the energy to put anything on today.  I’m not feeling well, and and I spent long enough playing the piano for the (practically speaking) mom in law and her sister, that my hands are STILL stiff and twitchy.  Plus, I have a few new books, and that means that even the boyfriend can hardly get me to acknowledge him.  When I really focus on something, it’s about the same as being in a coma.  He once flicked about  ten rubber bands off me while trying to get my attention before I noticed. Charming fellow.  At any rate, today’s distraction of the day is Robin Hobbs Farseer trilogy, if anybody cares.  I’m 20 pages away from finishing book 2.



MUFE Aqua cream in Turqouise

Fyrinnae Blue Whale-outer 2/3 of lower lid, applied wet

Fyrinnae Javan Rhino-inner 1/3 of lid

Illamasqua Pigment in Involve-outer 1/3 lower lid, applied wet.

Urban Decay Underground-blend above crease to soften.  Using a bare brush, LIGHTLY blend color towards highlight and browbone areas.

Hourglass Film Noir mascara

Benefit Prrowl mascara topcoat

MUFE Aqua eyes in Black-lower waterline and outer lower lashline


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  1. thecandiedmango
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 16:33:33

    Blue Whale is so pretty. The subtle gradient from a turquoisey-blue to a more periwinkle color makes the whole thing more interesting.


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