Review: Sephora brush #23-all over shadow

I’ve been on a brush kick lately.  Even when I HAVE a brush I like, I’ve been wanting to compare it with more easily labeled makeup brands(many of my favorite brushes are un-numbered Japonesque brushes, or cheap drug store brands.  It’s nice having something specific to recommend.

The other brush is the sephora point smudge brush, which I bought at teh same time.

This brush is quite serviceable, though it’s not my favorite shadow brush.  The bristles are less fluffy than my favorite brush, but also less dense, so I don’t feel that it applies the color as thick, or distributes it as evenly.  It works well for blending, however. The brush itself is decent quality.  THe bristles are quite soft. .I actually prefer it a bit more as a crease brush than as a all-over shadow brush.  The slightly narrower area touched by the bristles works nicely for establishing the main area of a crease, or even blending an even highlight, though you’ll want a smaller brush for any deeper coloring in the ohter V, or precise cut-creases.  I really just don’t find it effective on the lower lid, where I want my VERY densest deposits of color.

That said, it seems slightly less sturdy than my other brushes from sephora.  Before the first washing, I had a few bristles shed.  And I had more than a few more shed after washing it.  It still seems to be holding up pretty well, but it definitely doesn’t keep pace with the rest of my brush colleciton.


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