Review- Sephora brush #16 Point Smudge

I probably shouldn’t admit how much I LOVE this brush.  It is surprisingly versatile!  It has a narrow, rounded tip that is suitable for smudging eyeliner, and also for VERY precise crease definitions.

I’m VERY picky about getting a narrow contour in the outer V, and this brush works magically to do that, without overwhelming whatever color I already applied to the crease with a fluffier brush.

I’ve been able to do some lashline shadow with it, in a pinch, although it’s a little too fluffy for doing a very narrow amount of color.

I have yet to shed a single bristle, and it dries fairly quickly after cleaning.

I think the brush was 13$?  I would need to double check that.  Either way, it was very reasonable, and I’d definitely say it’s good quality.  I don’t see myself having to replace this anytime soon.


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