Day to Night(using Tarina Tarantino eyeshadows)

Still trying to learn to like the Sparklicity palette. It has a tendency to blend into an orangey mess on me. And I don’t normally have this issue with these colors.  Also showing off the eyeshadow smudger.

Daytime-If i wore makeup to work, i would wear something like this. Except with liner on the lower lashline.

To smoky-not as dramatic as my tastes, but it does the job.



Review: Sephora “Wispy” false lashes

I don’t wear false lashes as often as I would like, mainly since they often don’t set right on my eyes, and the glue irritates my skin a bit.  I love this pair though, and for 8$, it’s hard to really complain.


Melusine, my love!

NARS melusine, that is.  I can NOT recommend this duo highly enough.  I got this look in my head when I first swatched it, but wanted to try some more basic things before I got too crazy with it.  Now, I wish I could have waited on it, because I think I want to wear this to thanksgiving.


Review: Caudalie Lip Conditioner

I’m sure my addiction to the newest, best lip conditioner has been well documented. I bite my lips a lot, and spend huge chunks of time outdoors at work.  So my lips are usually  uneven, scabby, windchapped……  And standard chapsticks and protectants just don’t cut it!

Sephora has a 2 pack of these for $16. SOOOO worth it.  Caudalie is generally an excellent skincare brand, and these are the most immediately effective conditioner I have found.


Review: Tarina Tarantino eyeshadow Smudge Stick

These are clearanced at Sephora now, for 8$. I got a few for a future giveaway, and one for myself.

The shade I kept is Silk.  It’s a peachy-nude shade that works well as an all-over shadow color.  All of the shades I’ve seen have a frosty, sparkly texture similar to some of Tarina Tarantino’s permanent line, and Urban Decay’s eyeshadows.


Experimental Monochrome

Inspired by that image.  I LOVE black and white textures, and it’s been a while since I did something really out-there.  I don’t care for this, but I think that has just as much to do with the difficulty of executing complex sketches on your own face, as it does with the limit to my natural artistic talent.


Technique-applying cream blush or highlighter

For the longest time, I was intimidated by cream blush.  It can look SO much more pigmented,and difficult to apply naturally, if you  let it.  But the results are SO worth learning it!  On all  but the most dry, or most oily of skins, it will wear decently, and look unbelievably natural.  For drier skin types, it can help you avoid the powdery cake that calls attention to rough patches.  For oilier skin, make sure to set it well with powder, to avoid letting it melt off your face.

There’s a basic diagram for all of my blush placement—the bulk of this will be about how to blend pigmented cream blushes in for a natural effect.  You can tweak the placement to suit your own face shape—but make a mental note of where your contours are, because we want to apply our cream blush there first, and then blend it outward to soften it.


Review: Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Conquer

Illamasqua may be my new obsession.  It’s expensive, doesn’t give as much product for your money, the pigment has an awkwardly designed lid that scares me trying to open it…..  But the pigment itself is so beautiful, that I can’t dwell on any of that.  Conquer has a very fine texture that handles more like a mineral eye shadow than, say, MAC pigments.  It’s sparkly, full of depth, applies BEST wet.  Conquer is a vibrant emerald green with yellow, blue, copper sparkles.


Mauve and violet(using Naked palette)

Eh, it’s simple.  But I was in a hurry to go makeup shopping.  And THAT did not dissappoint!  SOoooo many seasonal deals at Sephora!  I got three NARS lipgloss duos just for myself!


Review: Guerlain Meteorites de Beauty

Ever since I first started paying attention to more high end makeup, I’ve had a bit of a crush on this product—the packaging looked so DAINTY, pictures from reviews of it just seemed to glow.  It took me a while to develop the stomach to pay 56$ for it though.  That’s fairly steep for any one beauty product.  Especially one this subtle.


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