Bird of paradise

Eh, I sort of felt like something warm and sunny. It’s a bit sloppy though, since I’m having a fairly bad pain week, and i had a hard time motivating myself into standing long enough to apply makeup.   Ah well. I’ll do better next week.



Best of 2010!

Or, at least a brief overview(mostly in pictures)!  Anyone got fun New Years resolutions to share?  I’m absolutely TERRIBLE at those, but I’ve got a few myself.

1.  Become better at initiating conversations. I will talk to most things that talk to me first, but I go months without making the first call to a friend.

2.  Flesh out my foundation selection so I’ll have something to put on other people, and won’t have a reason to procrastinate on committing to being an independent Make Up Artist.

3.  Practice the piano often enough to where I’m not humiliated playing for people any more.


Review: Shiro Cosmetics loose eyeshadow

I know the world of independent cosmetics companies can be a bit daunting, but some companies are genuinely worth checking out. Shiro Cosmetics is right up near the top of my list, nowadays. Their Loose Eyeshadows can be purchased in jars, mini jars, or sample bags, and in quantities. There’s many options for trying things without killing your pocketbook, and the colors are lovely!

My shiro was WELL worth the money—15 minijars for $38, affordable shipping, nice service, high quality pigment, and beautiful colors! Especially if you’re just learning to blend bright colors, Shiro is a good way to get a variety of colors to learn with!  They are one of the easiest eyeshadows I’ve ever worked with, and with most of the colors, my results were phenomenal, even WITHOUT specialized make up techniques(Foiling, Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, etc.)

(Shiro Veran, applied wet(left) and dry(right).)


Tutorial: The Rite of Spring(Eyes)

I’ll get the detailing up soon, but in the meantime, here is the basic leaf green smoky eye I used. I’m pretty impressed actually…. most of my looks use at least 5-6 eyeshadow colors.  This one used three, including highlight.  It’s a simplification!


Sugarpill Barbie Girl

SWEET! Enter massive sugar craving.  This pink makes me hungry.

I have to admit, this is cuter in person.  All of the shimmery colors don’t photograph well, and the overcast day sucked the life out of the rhinestones.  I opted for heavier liner rather than false lashes, since my good adhesive is dead, and the stuff for the rhinestones refuses to support a band of false lashes.  Curse you sephora lash glue!

Still, there’s something almost insufferably feminine about these dainty pastels.  It’s a change, right?


Makeup Wars: MAC Cornflower Pigment vs. Sugarpill Weekenders

While I try to avoid buying the same shade ten times, if you buy make up online a lot, you’re bound to end up with a few…. similar colors….  We may as well learn something from it, right?  As I end up finding these pairs, we’ll match them up, and see which I grab more, and why.  This will not be a regularly scheduled series, but will be published as duplicate shades are found, and tested.  Please note-I don’t buy much drugstore makeup any more.  I’ve found that I’m usually not happy with products I can’t swatch or handle before buying, and the customer service is generally better purchasing from independent makeup companies, for the price.  I don’t doubt there are many great drugstore dupes, but I freely admit to not having patience or inclination to find them.

Sugarpill Weekenders and MAC Cornflower are both loose eyeshadows of a medium blue-violet, with sparkles of pink, blue, purple.

In the swatch pictures, cornflower appears SLIGHTLY more blue, but the difference is barely visible to the naked eye.


The Rite of Spring, part 2

This is fun. Start with this look(breakdown copied below) and add detailing and these lips! There’s tutorials for all aspects of this, as soon as I assemble the ones for eyes and detailing. That said, I think it’s a bit cluttered. At least, for tutorials sake, people can see how to do the individual components. I have to admit… I LOVE the lips.


The Rite of Spring part 1

This is the basic look. I have a tutorial for the eyes.  There is also a costume look using this as the base, and a tutorial for that.  And a tutorial for the costume lips not shown here.  I’ll have my work cut out for me shoving 60+ photographs into those tutorials.  Ugh.  What was I thinking?


Tutorial: Flora lips using OCC Lip tars

We’ll use OCC Tarred, Botanical, and Traffic for this.


Review: Urban Decay eyeshadow in Dashiki

Recently, Urban Decay released a few 70s themed shades, exclusively available at sephora.  These had the classic almost-metallic Urban Decay Frost finish, bright colors, and are some of my favorites from the line!  I’ve held off buying them individually, in the hopes that they might release some sort of limited edition palette with all of the shades.  Haight, and Psychedelic sister were included in the holiday Book of Shadows palette, but the shades I really wanted—-woodstock, and Dashiki were not, so I gave in and bought them on their own.

Urban Decay shadows are $18 each, and fit nicely in MAC palettes when depotted.  It’s standard price for mid-high end, but it may be expensive enough that you should think about how often you’ll use the color.  Dashiki is a GORGEOUS blue, with a hint of teal. It’s darker than the photo may make you think, but still suitable as a lid color to make eyes pop. I LOVE the color, finish, blending ability, and texture.  No glittery fallout, nasty chunky messes, streaky pigmentation here!


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