Review: MAC Lipstick in Cyber

For some reason, I gave up reviewing lipsticks in my stash, purchased before I was consistently writing.  We’ll try to correct that, starting with the more unusual shades, and the most frequently used.  Maybe it will distract me from the next few Limited Edition collections so I won’t know what I’ve skipped.

Who would this color suit?  Any neutral or cool skin tone.  It will be easier to work in on deeper skin tones, and look less harsh.  But with the right attitude, a fair girl like me can wear it just as well.

What issues can I expect with Cyber?  Well, expect to put a thick coat on, for opacity.  Moisturize your lips, and exfoliate, if you are concerned about their texture.  Work CAREFULLY so you don’t smudge it when defining lips.  And definitely swatch it on your lips in various lightings to make sure the shade suits you.

Is it worth the money?  For me, it has been.  MAC lipsticks are only a bit more expensive than drugstore brands, and I use Cyber a lot in blending lipsticks and glosses, as well as achieving exotic effects using it as a dark lipliner, with a metallic color in the center highlight.  It really does depend on your own makeup habits though.

MAC Cyber is NOT a lipstick for the faint of heart.  It is a deep, blackened plum, with some cool brown tones.  This shade is almost identical in finish and color to MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #49(?).  Slightly glossy, decently longwearing, very dark and pigmented.  It’s just slightly easier to apply.

I consider Cyber a staple in my stash, though I rarely wear it alone.  I love Cyber for more experimental makeup styles.  It looks striking when appled around the edges fo the lips, and blended inward with almost any paler color.  On its own, you’ll want to be careful, since there isn’t really enough gloss to it to compensate for the illusion of thinner lips that the saturation and darkness causes.

I’ve always found Cyber to feel fairly moisturizing on the lips, despite its opacity.  It wears for 3 hours or so, with no feathering or smudging.  I wouldn’t recommend it for an event you’ll be eating or drinking at, though.  You WILL want to pay attention to make sure that all is well with it.  One coat is pretty fully opaque.  So you can imagine how easy it is to rub your face wrong, and end up with a deep plum “bruise”.  I tend to be very conservative about reapplying, rather than testing how very long it will stay on unattended.

I’ve always found MACs lipstick packaging to be pretty, and durable.

Though this color is unusual for daily wear, don’t be afraid to blend it with other colors, techniques, glosses.  It works very well applied and blotted, as a stain.  Or mixed with clear gloss for a much subtler hint of vamp.  It does look pretty neutral, though if your skin is TOO pink or yellow, it may take some blending and a tinted gloss to get the best effect.


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