Back to basics: Buxom mascara

I don’t consider it exaggerating to say this is my holy grail mascara.

How could it be, with results like these?

Every. Single. Time.  Perfect application, easily layer-able, pretty user friendly, VERY precise…..  Best 18$ I’ve spent in a long time.

You can get a variety of effects with it.

You can layer it thinly, for very luscious looking “natural” style lashes with a LOT of length, or use a primer and layer it for beautiful dramatic lashes that almost look like falsies.  And even after numerous coats, look at that separation!

It has fine, elastic bristles on an “hourglass shaped” brush.  The ends of the brush have more dense bristles, for more intense thickening at the corners of your eye.  I have YET to see it leave a clump behind, even when layering to my hearts content.   And you can see from all of the pictures here, that the results uniformly have the most prettily separated lashes.

It wears for HOURS without changing.  Earlier this week, I wore it to work(Applied at 11 PM), came home and applied the rest of my makeup after, including an additional layer for drama(around 9 AM), went shopping and came home around 3 PM.  Not a single smudge, or flake, when I checked it again, before removal around 5 PM. Nor did it look faded, or crusty, or had lashes clumped together.

It removes easily(A great relief after the massive freakout I had trying to get Sephora’s Atomic Volume mascara off my lashes, in plasticky clumps), and I notice that less of it seems to get trapped in the base of my lashes than some previous mascaras.(Benefit Bad Gal, Diorshow)

The formula is quite moist, but it doesn’t linger damply on the lashes like Cargo Lash Activator mascara.  Drying time seemed about average, perhaps a little longer, if you were waiting for a smudge to dry, to brush it off(Yes, I test this when I get new mascaras.  I smudge it on my face, so I can see if it stains, how easily it cleans up from existing makeup on the face, etc.  Nothing worse than getting the PERFECT look, and discovering your mascara is leaving little smudges and stains that won’t disappear, short of careful  application of makeup remover.

Here’s product photos, including the delightful brush!

This is my Go-To mascara.  I’ve actually discovered that I love the Lash Activator mascara as a primer with this, because Buxom removes the clumps and separates, but the extra thickness at the base of the lashes gives me false-lash effects EVERY time.

You may find, however, that you need to replace this more than your standard mascara’s.  Mascara’s have a fairly short shelf life anyways, being moist product in a contained tube, that comes in contact with your eyes, and sits closed, ready to ferment…..

I’m not generally the most prompt about replacing my mascara’s that often.  But with buxom, you DO have to be.  About 8 weeks in, I noticed that the formula had gotten significantly thicker, and dryer, and taken to clumping a bit.  Approaching the 3 month mark, I’ve stopped using it without a primer to help even out the coverage.  Additionally, it’s flaking slightly more in the middle of the day.  No more 11 hour stints without touch ups!

The brush is still my favorite mascara brush I’ve encountered.  I’m hopeful that after I pop open the new tube of mascara, I’ll be able to clean the brush off, and save it for separating lashes.  I DEFINITELY am planning on re-purchasing this.  Just don’t be surprised to see a difference in the results as you approach the expiration time frame.



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