Review: Hourglass Film Noir mascara

Cliff Notes!

Would I recommend it?  Depends on your lash type, and the effect you want out of your mascara.  For normal lash thickness, I think it would work well.  For naturally thick lashes, though, it clumped lashes together more than I like.

What were my main issues/complaints with the product?  It clumped lashes together a little more than I liked.  Overall, though, I liked it.

Was it worth the money to me/will I repurchase?  I got this as part of Sephora’s mascara sampler.  I may buy it separately, as I do like the brush better than traditional bristle shapes.

Shown here with Hourglass Suede eyeshadow duo

I’m pretty happy with this mascara.  It may not lengthen and separate quite as much as my Buxom mascara, but it did hold up fairly well.  The formula is very moist and silky, and I felt it did a great job volumizing my lashes.  The brush has even, sparse synthetic bristles, and those types of brushes are far more effective on my thick, long lashes than most traditional mascara brushes, with dense, even bristles.  The brush isn’t a perfect cylinder or hourglass…. It actually has a shape akin to a double helix(NERD ALERT!  heh).  I took two pictures of the brush to show this.  That can make it feel oddly balanced if you twist the brush while applying, but it CAN make it easier to tap mascara into the corners, where it’s usually tougher, if you know how to angle it.  It takes practice.

I did notice some flaking/staining of my lower lids around five hours after applying.  Nothing that would be noticed wearing a look with color on the lower lashline, but it was noticeable for more neutral looks.  This is a bit of a disadvantage.  Additionally, it DID stain my lower lid more than usual after I removed it.  I found that a little odd, since I tested this mascara COMPLETELY(Don’t ask.  I like to cry in mascara by myself just to test how horrible it will look if *gasp* I should do that in PUBLIC.  Nothing worse than going through the day with raccoon eye, and strangers asking you if you’re OK.).  At any rate, just up to normal sweat, tears, I didn’t notice it moving around or smudging.  Though it DOES flake more if you’re wearing it into a lot of wind.  And extended crying does seem to move the color away from the tips of your lashes, though the bulk of them still looks defined and perfect.

However, despite the wear issues, the lashes themselves looked nice… The pigment seemed to concentrate at the base of my lashes, and sometimes clumped them together, but it DID make them look pleasantly full, and made the individual hairs look more defined and thicker.
It removed fairly easily too!  The actual effect of it reminded me a lot of Sephora’s Atomic Volume mascara.  But Atomic Volume was IMPOSSIBLE to remove, turning to a clumpy, rigid mess that had to be pulled from my lashes in lumps.

Thinner or sparser lashes may not get quite as nice of an effect out of this mascara.  For those lash types, traditional brushes tend to be pretty effective at coating EVERY lash, without making them look spidery.  And the slightly sticky behavior of Film Noir may not be flattering where the volume wasn’t there to begin with.  But for normal or thick lashes, you’ll probably have good results!  Long lashes probably don’t need a mascara that lengthens as much as this, though. On my lashes, the spidery-ness didn’t really help the look of clumps.


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  1. keeralynn
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 19:45:08

    What would you recommend for naturally long lashes?


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