Crystal Dragon

Seriously.  Don’t ask.  I’ll just embarrass myself with a massive speech about one of my favorite computer games, that I’ve played so many times I have each and every action, story point, optional side quest, theme song memorized by heart.

Don’t ask. It’s THAT bad.

At any rate, I felt like stretching myself a bit today, but didn’t have a clear idea, aside from gushing over OCC Vapid Lip Tar.  This whole look was done to match/contrast with the lip color.  The eyes were nice on their own, so I took pictures before applying detailing, as well as after.

I LOVE Vapid, though the color definitely is an odd one.   This may be the grownup version of the horrid lipstick I wore in my teens, to show people I was NOT in the mood for conversation.  I’ve been looking for  an ice blue for years, and ice lilac doesn’t seem too far off!


MUFE Lavender aqua cream

Fyrinnae PIxie Epoxy

NARS Melusine-eggplant-outer half of lid

NARS Melusine-lilac- above crease

MAC Gesso-highlight

UD Grifter-inner half of lid

MUFE #9-pat over seam between dark purple, and light purple

Line eyes with MAC pigment in Later, applied wet.

Buxom mascara


MUFE eyeshadow #9-blush

Benefit High Beams-highlight


OCC Lip Tar in Vapid

Detailing-UD liquid liner in Ecstasy-eyeliner wing, and swoops below eyes.  Fill in edge of swoops with MUFE Silver flash cream.

Stretch an asyemetrical fishnet over the face, and pat MAC Later pigment on along cheekbones, and temple.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thecandiedmango
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 14:42:18

    That liptar is gorgeous! I haven’t seen such a light, opaque purple for lips.

    Computer game: great, now I want to know what it is. The only PC games I’ve played are ancient, like Warcraft I and II, Starcraft, the original Age of Empires and the first three games in the Heroes of Might and Magic series.


  2. dolcearia
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 16:48:20

    Might and Magic? Been there, done that. I’m a sucker for old action/adventure RPG’s(or games in that style)…. the classic Ultima games, old Sierra games(Space quest, Kings quest, Gabriel Knight, Laura Bow, Torrins Passage), some of the old Lucasarts games(The Dig is BEAUTIFUL, graphically! I may have to do a bunch of costume looks themed off the set design for that game), the Chzo mythos games, Menzoborranzen(I may have spelled it wrong. It’s based off an RA Salvatore book), the Dark Seed, Diablo…

    This particular specimen is from Kings Quest 7. The liptar color reminded me greatly of the crystal dragon mourning her spark. It’s such an odd color. Of course, I LOVE it. But it’s definitely not an “attractive” color on most skin tones. Definitely something for more crazy and arty things!

    Seriously, though. If you can get a copy of Kings Quest 7, it’s a lot of fun! It’s easy to play, fairly limited, but has REALLY pretty graphics and music. The style of the humor and scene design of it reminds me greatly of the tone of the Harry Potter books. Except that those came a good decade later. I mean, I like the whole kings quest series, but the extra effort into the music in this one makes it my absolute FAVORITE.


    • thecandiedmango
      Dec 10, 2010 @ 17:46:33

      Haha, the only game I’ve played out of that list was Diablo. That one was fun, but I was so incredibly bad at it.

      King’s Quest: Anything with good music and pretty pictures is right up my alley. I checked for the game on eBay and it looks like it’s easily available under $10. Thanks for the recommendation, lady!


      • dolcearia
        Dec 10, 2010 @ 20:07:34

        I really only got good at diablo with the creation of the necromancer class in diablo 2. There’s only so good you HAVE to be with six skeletons and a blood golem backing you up(the skeletons do the major offensive work and help prevent enemies from targeting you, the blood golem isn’t the strongest golem you could have, but every hit he gets feeds health back into you.) Similarly, for diablo one, my technique was to get a sorcerer up to the level where he could permanently keep a mana shield going. That way you only have to stock one potion type, and you’re very much insulated against most of the standard one hit kills-rather than dying if it doesn’t take your heal fast enough, you just end up out of mana, chugging another potion. Either way, that was how an oncoordinated lummux like me got through all of the diablo games and the appropriate expansions….

        I should look for my copy of the Complete Kings Quest. They released an omnibus with all seven games ten or fifteen years ago, formatting the older ones for more modern computer platforms, and providing the relevant words from the user manuals to allow installation and play of them all. I think I have it somewhere around here, and it may already be installed on the computer. But now I sort of want to look for it, and play it again.


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