Review: Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss #1

I’ve reviewed two golden gloss shades prior. #1 is a very dense gold sparkle, in a warm gold  base that shows up as a very sheer honey color on the lips.

This shade may well  be the most useful out of them all.  While I love the lilac and burgundy, there’s no question that #1 is the most versatile to layer.  So far, my favorite combination has been applying it over a pearly dark  bronze lipstick.  However the gold sparkle shows up lusciously over deep colors like red, and coral.  The gold flecks in this shade seem to apply more densely than in the shades with colored bases.   So it shows up more layered over everything.  $30 is still pricey, but with the extra dimension the sparkle has, and the blending versatility, if you only want to splurge on ONE shade, this is DEFINITELY that one.

I get 3-4 hours wear out of it, but the gold sparkle lingers for longer.  The glitter definitely feels more chunky on the lips.  It’s not a light glitter like MAC Dazzleglass, or most glittery types.  Since it’s actual gold flecks, it makes sense that it wouldn’t be as smooth or pressed as flat as artificial sparkles. That’s just my common sense talking,  not any actual scientific knowledge of glitter formulations.

There’s a fruity smell that is quite pleasant, but not overwhelming. It fades pretty quickly, and isn’t terribly strong to begin with.  The slight sweet taste, though, lingers as long as you wear the actual gloss.  The brush doesn’t seem to pull out that much product at one time, so you’ll probably need two dips to get a good thick application.

The actual glossy base is quite pretty on its own—it smooths over lip lines, and looks much more like a gel, than a “wet gloss” shine.  I feel like it makes my lips look healthier, and more plump.   But then, my lips are chewed, dry, wind chapped, and generally have a lot of flaws to cover.  So the majority of the beneficial changes come because the thick gel coating doesn’t accent the lines.  it doesn’t fill them in the way that, say, DuWop Lip Venom, or Fusion Lip Infatuation plumpers do, but it DOES give the illusion of having that effect.

A quick comparison with NARS Moonfleet, another sheer, gold glittery gloss.

And just to compare the density of the glitter with other shades in YSL’s line of Golden Glosses.


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