Review: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat

Touche Eclat has a good reputation among beauty nerds.  Even though it’s expensive($40 for the click-pen), it’s considered one of the best products for brightening tired eyes.   I liked the effect, but I doubt I’ll pay $40 for the full size(I got a miniature size as part of YSLs holiday set)

It isn’t as reflective as Benefit High Beam highlighter, or as sheer as Temptu Highlighter, or as shimmery as LORAC Perfectly Lit,  MAC Belightful, Honor, or Pearl(cream color) highlighters.  It has the color of a light coverage concealer, with a faint dewy finish.  One click of the pen is enough to highlight both eyes, though you may need another click if you plan on using it to highlight cheekbones, lips, or other facial features as well.  Although the applicator brush doesn’t really blend it evenly, it is easy to buff it into the skin with fingers, a damp sponge, or a bare brush.

There were a few things I really liked about it.
1.  It didn’t seem to smudge or shift makeup underneath it.  Contrary to other creamy highlighters, I never noticed my foundation sheering out, or smearing, after using it.
2.  The finish is perfect for a subtle effect.  It shows up, but doesn’t look oily, or sparkly. And I like the slightly increased coverage.
3.  The creamy texture was easy to blend into the skin, without the stickiness of MAC cream colors, or the uneven runniness of Temptu highlighters shimmer.

The biggest drawbacks to me were the unsanitary attached applicator(this system always grosses me out a bit. I want the option to use a brush that I can remove, and clean as often as I feel it needed), the cost, and the click-pen action.  The click-pen usually dispenses a reasonable amount of product, but it does fluctuate  based on how much product is left in the container.  I had too much Touche Eclat peeking through the brush when I first used it, and by halfway through the tube, one click wasn’t enough, but two was too much. I’d rather have the product in a pot, and decide how much I want to use for myself, and what I would like to use to apply it with.  But then, I’m a germophobe and a control freak.  The design is perfect for carrying in a purse, and touching up on the go. It’s just not good for MUA’s who wish to use it on different clients, or people who are concerned about sanitation, and prefer using slightly less of it in an application to stretch the tube further.


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