Review: Hourglass Eyeshadow Duo in Suede

This is my favorite quick grab for fair skin with pink undertones.  Even Urban Decay’s Naked palette tends to lean warmer, and the frostier finishes are better for more dramatic neutrals and smoky eyes.  While both colors have a small level of micro-shimmer, it’s barely even noticeable on the eyes.  It just registers as a healthy sheen.  Suede is VERY natural appearing on fair skin, and works perfect for no-makeup looks, with an almost flawless finish.

It’s expensive, but I think it’s worth it, for the quality and color.  Even without primer, it barely moved!

There are two colors.  A pale cream, and a slightly darker pale fawn.  Both have rosy tones, with gold micro-shimmer, and make blue and green eyes POP.  They flatter cool tones especially, but should work on warmer ones as well.  It’s hard finding a true cool neutral.  Most browns lean warm, or are too pink.  This is perfect for a natural almost airbrushed look.

I would DEFINITELY say it’s worth the money if you wear neutral looks, or subtle makeup on a daily basis.  The colors are GORGEOUS, and a dream to work with.  It might be worth it less for someone like me, who wears brights more often than not, or for someone who can wear warmer shadow shades to appreciate the standard nude shades from cheaper lines.  But for very fair skin, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  I fell in love with it, myself, though this subtle isn’t usually my style.

It comes with a brush applicator that is quite serviceable. I wish it had even a half an inch more handle, and the handle was slightly thicker. It can be a chore to grip.  but the bristles itself are soft, dense, and remind me greatly of the shape/size/feel of the sephora all-over-liner brush.  The brush fits neatly in the compact, and the whole thing feels very sturdy.

It’s made of heavy metal, which DOES hold fingerprints.  The top either pushes up, or twists around, to expose the eyeshadow.  There’s a mirror in the underside of the lid if you pop it up. And because it stays open at any angle you set it, it is easy to angle it to see, while not making it difficult to reach the shadow’s in pan.  It’s a very luxurious feeling, though utilitarian design.

The shadow itself is soft, buttery, and applies easily.  Be sure to tap the brush instead of swiping it when picking up product, though.  It will kick off a good amount of fallout in the pan if you swipe it, due to the shadows softness.  That’s just a waste.  And for $38 for the duo, you don’t want to waste a single  dust mote!  The product is VERY pigmented, but the shades are pale enough that you may need a deeper crease color if you have medium skin.  Even without primer, it applied very opaquely, blended easily, and barely faded.

Though I may not wear it as often as I could, I still take this duo out just to stare at it and sigh at the beautiful color and subtle sparkle.

And on the eyes.


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